A Thriller of an Auction

Some fans will do just about anything to have a piece of their favorite artist, including shelling out over $700 thousand dollars on a piece. An anonymous bidder walked away last night with an Andy Warhol piece done in 1984 of none other than the “King of Pop” himself, Michael Jackson. Read More


Eva Longoria-Parker’s New Nightclub

The beautiful and always charming Eva Longoria-Parker, from Desperate Housewives, is opening her Las Vegas version of her Beso restaurants around New Year’s Eve. But that’s not all Las Vegas locals can expect from the petit superstar. Read More


Stanford Under Construction

Stanford is undergoing their biggest building construction with 87 projects, some already in the works and worth $1.5B. Stanford University has undergone construction for various building projects all thanks to gifts from donors. Read More


$11,716 Funeral Invitations fit for a King (of Pop)

Supposedly, achieving near-perfection is all about the right details and, strangely enough, that even applies to your funeral. Now, while I can appreciate that we would rather not think about our own funeral’s details, there are reports out that Michael Jackson’s recent funeral was indeed a reflection of how the King of Pop lived his life Read More

Shaq Caught Cheating Once Again

Once a cheater always a cheater. As much as women like to convince themselves these wise words are false, when it comes to athletes it’s almost always 100 percent true. Shaquille O’Neal is a prime example and he’s at it again! And this time there are sexually explicit emails to prove it! Read More


A Dior Christmas Tree by John Galliano

Embracing the holiday spirit with creativity, on December 1st, a John Galliano for Dior Christmas tree will be revealed at London’s luxurious Claridge’s hotel. Far from traditional, this tree has no ornaments, flashing lights, or candy canes. Read More


Opium Attempts New York

Opium Group is one of Miami’s most famous entities. If you live and work in Miami and have any kind of social nightlife whatsoever, you should be well aware of the hospitality conglomerate. With ties to five major clubs in South Beach alone, Opium Group is like the God of all nightclub venues Read More

Armani Celebrates One Year in Moscow

In celebration of the first anniversary of the flagship boutique in Moscow, Armani showed the Autumn/Winter 2009 Collection in Moscow. Giorgio Armani made an appearance as a gesture to show his confidence in the prospect of Russia as a future home for modern fashion. Read More


Dubai Develops Highest Fountain in the World

Ok, I’m going to come straight out and say it. Dubai is my nomination for Haute location of the day. Why, you ask? Well, quite simply, this place defines the phrase ‘bigger and better’. Dubai is already the home of the world’s highest building (Burj Dubai) and construction is underway for the world’s highest arch bridge, but move over boys there’s a new sheriff in town, The Dubai Fountain. Read More

Haute Oasis: Sotogrande at Cap Cana

Spanish company Sotogrande S.A. (owned by NH Hotels Group) is in the tourist services and property development industry, and is best known for its lavish atmosphere, golf settings, and their gorgeous residential complex in southern Spain. Their five chains include the famous Real Club de Golf, Valderrama and La Reserva de Sotogrande. Read More