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Board Certified | Over 25 Years of Experience | World Renowned Top Rhinoplasty and Facelift Expert

“The most beautiful women in the world, and the most handsome men, look naturally attractive. Plastic surgery should be invisible.”  – Dr. Barry Weintraub

The recipient of countless awards and the National Spokesperson for the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Barry Weintraub is renowned for consistently delivering extraordinary results. One of the world’s top plastic surgeons with expertise in rhinoplasty and facelift, as well as neck lift, eye lift, and revision rhinoplasty, he is often consulted on difficult cases due to his skill set and decades of experience.

Ivy League educated and Board Certified, Dr. Weintraub has been treating patients in NYC with the utmost care and professionalism for decades. Dr. Weintraub’s philosophy of “less is more” appeals to many who are considering plastic surgery or any cosmetic procedure — including injectables — but are wary of looking unnatural or overdone.

Many patients travel from abroad to have surgery at his elite, hospital-grade, completely private facility. His international concierge program welcomes overseas patients to his New York office, tailored to foreigners and those who wish to be pampered with the most luxurious and outstanding experience, guaranteeing the utmost in privacy and personalized medicine.

Dedicated to fulfilling the aesthetic needs of every patient who walks through the door, Dr. Weintraub’s reputation of being an excellent surgeon begins with one simple thing: listening. “A great surgeon should always, first and foremost, listen to his patients. No two patients are exactly alike. The challenge is to deliver the most refined surgery that is unquestionably tailored to each patient individually. This is the essence of true beauty.”

More than 60 percent of Dr. Weintraub’s practice is comprised of complex revisions of surgeries performed by other offices. These procedures always involve difficult issues since there exist not only the limitations of a patient’s own anatomy, but also the limitations of another surgeon’s aesthetic, and scar tissue that has developed as a result. Patients seek Dr. Weintraub from all over the world to correct their aesthetic problems. He takes great pride in getting the best results, and always enjoys the challenges of such procedures.

Dr. Weintraub’s fully accredited surgical facility is located directly on Manhattan’s exclusive Fifth Avenue. It has a private entrance and a hospital-grade operating room with hand-selected, board-certified anesthesiologists and nurses. It is easily the most discreet and elegant in the city of New York.



Before and After: Facelift

weintraub pics

Before and After: Rhinoplasty


Before and After: Rhinoplasty

weintraub pics

Before and After: Facelift



"It seems to me, that in discussing Dr. Weintraub, we are necessarily discussing surgical genius or at least the work of one such virtuoso. He is equipped with a kind of dual aesthetic judgment and technical ability, which is to say, that the good doctor is able to keenly observe and correct minute details while accounting for the overall aesthetic presentation and never sacrificing one for the other. He's not only a keenly skilled technician but also a more generally talented artist. While most surgeons fall victim to perceiving in a very mechanistic way, causing a loss of resolution in the overall work, Dr. Weintraub seems to work in greater detail but with a conscious fluidity that allows him to execute what he, in agreement with his patients, find aesthetically pleasing.
As an artist myself with a recognized career in music, I imagined that I would be among the more difficult of the surgeon's clients. Having studied visual art and being a recognizable image of peoples’ expectations (i.e., when fans see me), I knew immediately that the work to be done would be under great scrutiny and would require great subtlety. Despite all of my reservations, I knew if any surgeons would find themselves able, it would take someone as masterful as Dr. Weintraub to pull it off.
Today, no one has remotely noticed that I have undergone surgical rhinoplasty. Instead, people continue to stop and stare as they had before and those closest to me admire the symmetry, lines, and angles of my face. We all fall subject to our own vanity, it's undeniable not to acknowledge that appearances give us an edge in today's highly competitive world. Dr. Weintraub's work is a brilliant paradox in that it documents a phenomenal improvement but in wildly subtle manner."

J.B., Recording Artist

"Thanks to Dr. Weintraub for fixing bad results from two procedures I had in Europe and UAE with surgeons who said they specialized in plastic surgery but nearly ruined my face, leaving me thinking there wasn’t any solution until I found Dr. Weintraub on the internet. I sent photos and spoke to Dr. Weintraub who is as nice as he is talented. He was compassionate and suggested certain surgical techniques to correct the surgery I had before, and I was confident I had found the right doctor to improve things. I travelled to New York in March and had surgery two days later, with all my appointments made for me by Dr. Weintraub’s staff who are very helpful, scheduling my appointments around a parade on Fifth Avenue to avoid issues with traffic. Dr. Weintraub came to visit every day at my hotel across the street and called and emailed after I returned home to make sure I have healed well. I am absolutely thrilled and satisfied with my experience. They were so instrumental making it all happen seamlessly and successfully, so from the bottom of my heart, I thank him sincerely."


"Dr. Weintraub is the "Da Vinci" of plastic surgeons. I love my facelift and I'm recommending him to my friends. His skillful eye restores and sculpts youth and beauty by discussing all options available without any pressure. He not only performed my facelift but improved other areas of my face that we both agreed needed improvement.. I was looking for a natural looking uplift that wouldn't appear obvious I had work done, but instead would look like I just came back from a long vacation and had that refreshed, "you look great!" appearance again, and most of all, I didn't want to look different.... The same "me", but ten years younger.
Dr. Weintraub's approach and philosophy appealed to me. When I discussed my concerns, at first, I asked for Restylane, as I didn't have much in the way of cheek bones and thought that would do it. It looked great, but he did tell me that if I wanted a permanent fix, surgery was the way to go, as I was no longer in my 40's but well past late 50's. As with any surgery, I visited 2 other plastic surgeons. Both had lower prices. When I saw the before and after photos of past patients, well, to be totally frank, I wanted to run out of their offices! Their patients faces were so "tugged" and unnatural looking. In one photo of an eyelid lift, the woman looked "startled"....
I knew neither surgeon was for me and price should never be a determining factor when deciding on something as precious as your physical appearance, especially your face! I went back to Dr. Weintraub and discussed my experience with the other surgeons. He made some suggestions and after looking through books of before and after photos of his previous patients, I knew Dr. Weintraub was the only surgeon I would let perform my facelift, and I scheduled my appointment.
The day of my surgery the nurse who greeted me couldn't have put me more at ease. Her kind and caring manner made me feel I was in the best of hands. Dr. Weintraub went over everything with me beforehand and made sure I had no additional questions. His delicate and caring manner was exactly what I was looking for as I was confident that I would come out looking natural and not overdone or fake.
Surgery went great, and after following his post op instructions I was up and about and loving my new refreshed look! I even had him fix my nose that before drooped when I smiled, and that little adjustment also made such a difference and made me look younger and my profile so much better! I love my nose now!
So what more can I say about the kind Dr. Weintraub and his staff.... Wonderful! My facelift was one of the best decisions I've ever made, it not only improved my image, but also my self-confidence. Best of all, no one says I look tired anymore, even when I am!"

Julia C.

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