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“A Beautiful Smile Never Goes Out Of Style” Arthur Glosman DDSWorld Renown Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Glosman’s Dentofacial approach to dentistry marries the form and function of the face to the shape, size, and color of the teeth. He can combine any of our myriad services such as porcelain veneers, dental implants, and dental inlays-onlays into one package to fit the needs of any patient.

Additionally, he provides standard services such as crowns, bridges, and general dentistry, yet all services are performed with the precision and refinement that is far above typical standards. The results are dazzling, which is why his clients come from as far away as Switzerland, France, Germany, and Moscow to achieve them. Dr. Glosman is also recognized by some of the nation’s top broadcast networks, publications and celebrities as the go-to dentist for dental beauty care. Dr. Glosman’s approach has always been about beautifying smiles, but his approach has become more holistic. As an experienced cosmetic dentist, Dr. Glosman examines both the health and look of your teeth, with how your smile fits with your facial features. Dr. Glosman’s office feels the importance of keeping the environment clean. Working diligently to generate the lowest possible carbon footprint, Dr. Glosman knows how important it is to respect our planet and reduce the use of precious resources. His practice is completely electronic–meaning paperless and chartless. All our materials are metal-free and biocompatible. Please feel free to peruse our website at arthurglosmandds.com for examples of our work or view our testimonials and see notes from my clients.




Let me start by saying that I'm probably one of the most picky and impossible to please perfectionists around. I used to have a great teeth, however with age and grinding at night, they changed so severely, that I wouldn't even smile anymore in pictures. I knew the only solution was veneers, but was hesitant for fear of getting ones that looked fake or like chicklets. Over the past year, I've visited practically every top dentist in the Beverly Hills/LA area. I wasn't satisfied with any of them, until Dr Glosman. I knew immediately after my consultation and seeing how natural looking his work was, that I had finally found the right one. Not only did he give me the most beautiful, natural looking veneers I could ever hope for, he was also the only dentist able to pinpoint the cause of my grinding and bad bite, and fixed it. I cannot say enough about my entire experience. Amazing staff, facilities, and brilliant work by Dr Glosman. I haven't stopped smiling since my last appointment and the pain I was experiencing every day in my jaw has completely disappeared. I couldn't be more satisfied.

Shana Stanek

Went in after a couple years of not going to the dentist. You walk into this gorgeous space and are greeted by wonderful staff members that take their time to answer your questions and help you relax a little (since, you know, you are in a dentist office). Dr. Glosman is AMAZING! he takes his time to make sure you are comfortable before, and ask how you are doing during the procedure to make sure everything is going smoothly. He found a problem that was neglected my other doctors and had no problem fixing it. Will definitely be coming here again and again. And ladies (and gentlemen), you'll be in less pain knowing its his face you'll be looking at for the remainder of the procedure.

Martha Rodriguez

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