Jimmy Choo the Shoe Maker

Famed stiletto maker Jimmy Choo is broadening their horizons with the release of their newest line of shoes. What exactly are the new shoes? Sneakers. Yes, we said sneakers. Read More


Botox in a Bottle

"If I could turn back time" were the words famously sung by Cher for which she did...with Botox...many times over. And now you can do it too, without the expensive doctor visits, with a new product called Rodial's Glamoxy Snake Serum, which claims to do just that. Read More

Let Your Heart Lead You To Louis Vuitton

If you're fortunate enough to be in love this Valentine's Day, don't ruin the mood by cutting back on the gifts. Take these ideas provided by Louis Vuitton to heart if you want Cupid's arrow to point in your direction. Read More


Philip Stein’s Wine Wands

Philip Stein is known for his ability to use naturally occurring frequencies to improve luxury products, and has now taken it upon himself to apply his tactics into the art of drinking wine. Read More


Haute Style: A Luxury Valentine

Just in time for Valentine's Day, lingerie maker Agent Provocateur has come out with a jewelry line. The British brand's new Dark Fairytale collection, composed of earrings, rings, necklaces, and charm bracelets include a 'Slave for You' ring, as well as Sally padlock charms, with garments to match. Read More