The Week in Review: Earthquake, Hotbed Benefit, the Montanas

The week began with a rattle, a 6.0 earthquake that shook the nerves of many of us in the Bay Area. As things calmed down, events heated up. Kathy Griffin was on hand for Hotbed Benefit, Art by the Bay, an annual event that gives emerging and established artists in various fields the unique opportunity to exhibit their work in a beautiful outdoor setting. Joe Montana teamed up with some of his former 49er teammates to support his better half Jennifer, whose designs continue to help others. And the Veuve Clicquot truck made deliveries — with more Northern California stops to come. Here is the San Francisco week in review and a save the date for foodies.

Ferrari Unveils the California T

Ferrari unveiled the new California T for the first time in North America at The New World Symphony to a symphonic accompaniment. Ferrari North America’s Vice President of Commercial & Marketing of Ferrari SpA, and interim CEO, Enrico Galliera was there to pull the red drape off the new model to a select crowd of VIP collectors. Everyone loved the new grand touring vehicles proportions and was excited by the new model’s future, especially The Collection owner, Ken Gorin.

Where Can You Find the Best Jewelry? Why, Online of Course

Let’s be honest, much of the time women spend online might not be so much work as… shopping for clothing and accessories. It takes a lot of time to wade through the proliferation of shopping sites too. But I do it—a lot. An entire corner of my bedroom is filled with boxes to be returned either because the fit was off, or the quality wasn’t what I expected. There is, however, one website that I have ordered from repeatedly and never sent a single item back: Latest Revival, a luxury jewelry website.

Haute 100

Our annual Haute 100 List is a compilation of the most influential individuals in business, technology, fashion, and entertainment. We don’t have to search far to find the 100 most intriguing and successful people in Miami, but it can be quite a task to keep up with them. As such, a yearly update simply isn’t enough.