Saab 9-4X Debuted at New England Auto Show

Saab hosted a lunch at the New England Auto Show this week where they revealed the new Saab 9-4X to the New England press. This is the first time the car was shown in the New England area. It's first appearance was at the LA Auto Show a short time ago. Read More

An Evening at the Ritz-Carlton Boston Common

There are some hotels you simply stay at. Spend the night then eat brunch or a continental breakfast in the morning. Perhaps the amenities are nice: a comfortable bed, a beautiful view or, a concierge with an endearing demeanor. The Ritz-Carlton Boston Common is not just one of those hotels. You do not simply spend the night at the Ritz. An evening at the Ritz is an experience. From the moment you enter the hotel... Read More

Friday Night Supper Program Serving up Hot Meals

This past Friday evening, I was given the opportunity to serve meals to those in need, alongside my husband, as part of the Ritz-Carlton Give Back Getaways program with the Friday Night Supper Program at the Arlington Street Church in Boston. It is a wonderful opportunity the Ritz gives to its guests while spotlighting the tremendous work of the supper program. As part of our overnight stay, we were brought over to the church... Read More

Dining at JER NE

While my husband and I enjoy a fine dining experience, good food will always trump décor, atmosphere and even service in our eyes. Too often we have sat down at a beautifully set table in a lush environment with an attentive wait staff only to be served a meal not deserving of the setting in which it was served. Thankfully, we were pleasantly surprised to enjoy a meal fitting of its surroundings at JER NE, located at the Ritz-Carlton Boston Common. Read More

Santas in Speedos to Invade the Streets of Boston

Wax up your Speedo, fluff up your Santa hat and brace yourself for a cold winter’s run at the 11th Annual Santa Speedo Run. Now officially called the SSRun, the mission, crazy and impossible as it may seem, is the same. Ladies and gents dawn little more than a Speedo (including a top for the ladies), a Santa hat, and their running shoes all in the name of charity. If you have never seen or participated in the event – it is quite a spectacle to behold. Read More

Local Celebrity Chefs Join Together for Charity

Join McGladrey’s business professional services firm for the McGladrey’s Culinary Challenge for Charity this Tuesday, December 7th from 5:30 – 9:30PM at their offices at 80 City Square, Boston. This unique event pairs seven of the city’s top chefs with other local personalities as their sous chefs to raise money for seven area charities this holiday season. Read More

Relax: The Top 5 Spas in Boston

The holidays can be stressful – whether or not they should be. Even with all the help in the world, there is just so much to do, so many people to be sure to see, and so many personal touches that need to be added to every package, card and greeting. The key to a truly jolly holiday just might be making sure you take time to relax. Think of it – don’t your bets ideas come when you are relaxing? Think of it as your gift idea generating meditation time. And for the best spots to get you relaxed, check out our Top 5 Spas in Boston. Read More

Celebrating Hanukkah in Boston

Hanukkah has begun. And while some may observe the holiday with a traditional family get together each of the 8 nights of Hanukkah – not everyone can engage in the same type of celebration they grew up knowing. So how can you take part in the Festival of Lights without spending your days making potato latkes and homemade applesauce on your own? We have two great local options for celebrating Hanukkah out on the town or for bringing the fixings home for a more private observance of the holiday. Read More

Fluevog: Your Winter Boots Don’t Have to Be Boring

Winter can bring out a host of emotions in Bostonians. Some love the idea of snowflakes falling all around them and may even sneak in a snow angel or two in Boston Commons when the mood strikes. For others, the idea of cold, wind and the inevitable slush has them feeling just plain blue. Fashionistas, men and women alike, are particularly distraught over the coming of winter because... Read More