Midnight Munchies: The Top 5 Late-Night Restaurants in Boston

Boston is not the city that never sleeps. In fact, most of the city is shut down at 2AM. And if you are looking for cuisine beyond a sausage from the Fenway Sausage Guy past midnight… well, good luck. Fortunately for you, Haute Living has eeked out some tasty treats for you late night revelers that will keep your belly happy and your energy raving on even after Cinderella’s coach has turned into a pumpkin. Read More

Towne Makes Hynes Tastier

The Hynes Convention Center is a concrete conclave running along Boylston Street from Dalton Street right up the Prudential Tower and has long been the location for meetings and conventions right in the heart of the city. One thing the spot has never been known for, however, is... Read More

Boston on Two Wheels

That chill in the air is Boston’s gentle reminder to enjoy outdoor living while you still can this autumn before the winter chill (and snow and ice) settle in. And, while Boston is a walking city, there are a myriad of other ways to enjoy the city’s splendor without hoofing it. Take to the streets, pathways, walkways and bike paths this fall with a bike from Back Bay Bicycle. Read More

Cheat on Your Car with Status Ride

It probably took you a long time to pick out just the right car (or cars) to buy. It had to feel right, look right and drive amazingly well. But, in the process, you probably saw a whole lot of other prospects that were tempting to purchase as well. Perhaps now that you are committed to your car, you long for the adventure of driving another. Luckily, cars are not like relationships... Read More

Dux Is The Ultimate in Luxe

We spend money on a lot of frivolous (but fun) things. But, to me, one of the most important spends one can make is on a bed. Depending on your sleeping habits, your bed may be the place you spend more hours of your week than any other singular place. It should be comfortable. It should Read More

2011 Jaguar XJL – Road Test

When Tata Motors purchased Jaguar from the ailing Ford Motor Company in 2008, the Indian company was faced with a number of makeover issues. So in launching their brand new XJ flagship sedan earlier this year, Jaguar unleashed an all out marketing blitz that sought to re-connect with savvy luxury consumers through carefully chosen branding partners. Read More

Go with the Flow: The Top 5 Fish Restaurants in Boston

Fish on Fridays, or any day of the week, is easy to find in Boston where the fish are plentiful. Trying to narrow it down to the top 5 is clearly difficult. With so many ways to prepare the best the ocean has to offer, dining experiences can range from down and dirty butter up to your elbows fun to elegantly prepared fish that melts in your mouth, without any of the mess. Whatever your preference on any given day these top 5 should easily satisfy. Read More