Lick Your Lollipop: The Top 5 Candy Shops in Boston

While folks may talk about the joys of being a kid in a candy store, I think it is far more fabulous to be an adult in a candy store. Think of all of the possibilities with a wad full of cash in your pocket and a store full of candy. Pure sugar indulgence is perhaps one of the best joys on earth. Just brush your teeth well after and hit the gym and all is forgotten… at least on the hips, if not on the lips. Read More

LOL @ Magner’s Comedy Festival Boston

You could use a good laugh. Luckily, Boston is a great stand-up comedy town. And this weekend just so happens to be a particularly great weekend for comedy in town. The Magner’s Comedy Festival landed in town last night and runs through... Read More

Hasty Pudding Man and Woman of the Year 2011

Bundle up and get ready for a parade! It may not seem like much of a day for a parade with all the snow, but that is unlikely to stop Harvard University’s student theatrical society Hasty Pudding Theatrical with their Woman of the Year 2011 parade. Read More

Sweet Tooth: The Top 5 Chocolate Shops in Boston

In our never ending mission to stay slim and trim, chocolate has become the guilty pleasure we may rarely indulge upon. And so it is that when we do make the splurge it is ever so important that we get ourselves the best of the best. No sense indulging on all of those calories without some pure joyful satisfaction. To make the journey to your chocolate ecstasy that much easier, Haute Living presents you with the top 5 chocolate shops in Boston. What you select once inside one of these shops is entirely up to you. Read More

Get It While It’s Hot: The House of Roger Vivier Explores New Approaches to Design with their Latest Limited Edition Collection, Rendez-Vous

Last night, the Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré was buzzing. The sounds that spilled over on to the posh street came from inside the Roger Vivier boutique and were courtesy of actress and musician Jeanne Marine who played her ukulele for a crowd of well-heeled fashion types. The occasion, however, is most of note. Attendants were present to celebrate the exclusive preview of the brand’s newest limited edition collection, Rendez-Vous. And by attendants, I mean everyone from Tod’s Group president, Stefano Sincini, Roger Vivier-brand ambassador, Ines de la Fressange, and the house’s creative director, Bruno Friso Read More

Haute Event: Houston Texans Jarvis Green Celebrates Birthday While Benefitting a Great Cause

Houston Texan Jarvis Green, along with his twin brother, Jason Green (who made a surprise appearance) celebrated his 32nd birthday at Zooma Trattoria Restaurant in Providence, RI on Jan. 21. The birthday bash was one not to be missed. The party was particularly special for Green because it benefited The Jarvis Green Foundation, which helps disadvantaged single mothers in low income areas. Read More

Haute Living Hits Haute Couture: National Fashion Director, Jilian Sanz reports

The haute couture presentations tell a story of greatness, both of quality of construction and innovation of design. This story seems to best be told in the confines of a Parisian backdrop. And so, I crossed the pond to bring you the highlights of what’s to come from the world’s most prestigious fashion and high-jewelry houses. Expect imagery and details marking the magic behind it all throughout the week, but here’s a small tidbit to satiate your thirst for all things haute couture in the mean time. Read More

Celebrate Wine at the Boston Wine Festival

With the Boston Wine Expo taking place this weekend (Jan 22-23) many of you may have wine on the mind (and on the tongue and in your gullet). So if you have caught the vino bug and one weekend has just whet your appetite, feel free to continue the celebration of wine right on into April with the Boston Wine Festival. Read More

Eat So Others Can Eat During Super Hunger Month

This has a particularly cold and snowy January so far and the thought of going without enough food to eat is certainly a chilling one. Thank goodness for the Greater Boston Food Bank, New England’s largest hunger-relief organization providing food for 394,000 people annually throughout eastern Massachusetts. Read More

Dining in the Dark at Sandrine’s Bistro

Dining in a very dimly lit atmosphere can be a little disconcerting if you cannot see your food very well… even when you know what you have ordered. Now imagine dining in total darkness on a meal that has been selected for you without its contents being revealed to you. If this sounds like a tantalizing or intriguing concept to you, you are in luck. Read More