Thai Me Up: Top 5 Thai Restaurants in Atlanta

Sweet, spicy and nutty come to mind when mentioning Thai food, as they are some of the most prominent flavors. But by no means are they the only memorable ingredients. It seems that Thai cuisine combines elements of Chinese and Japanese cuisine resulting in an amazing culinary experience that transports you to different countries one plate at a time. Atlanta definitely has a myriad of Thai restaurants to choose from. Here are the top options for dining supremacy Read More


It Stix: Sakura Stix Sushi Restaurant Opens

Whenever a new sushi spot opens it is literally music to my ears. I can eat sushi everyday of the week and still constantly crave it. There are numerous places in Atlanta to get your fix and each of them offers something specific to the customer. This brings me to the new kid on the block, the newly opened Japanese restaurant in the Collier Hills section of West Buckhead called Sakura Stix. Read More

Las Vegas

Haute Skincare

I’m product junkie. OK, there I said it. I love nothing more than trying out new body lotions, mascaras and lately my new obsession is a marker for your lips. I could spend hours in any beauty store, walk out smelling like a perfume factory blew up all over me and feel completely satisfied. Hey, it is not my fault it is a hereditary issue passed along by my father. Read More


Smoke Rings: Top 5 Cigar Bars in Atlanta

When I think of cigars, my mind envisions a chilly autumn evening full of wine, jazz, leather sofas and select tapas options. There is something about partaking in the warmth of a cigar that screams sophistication and totally high-brow. With the influx of cigar bars in Atlanta, it seems that casual patrons as well as seasoned veterans are all about the aromatic lounges with various choices for their favorite stogie. From bars to lounges, here are the finest cigar bars Atlanta has to offer. Read More


Haute Events: Fashion’s Night Out in Atlanta

This year Atlanta has gone all out for its own Fashion’s Night Out taking place on Sept. 10. With so many shopping events and exclusive fashion fetes to choose from, we find ourselves in a bit of a tizzy over where to start. With over 75 participating retailers, in the widely-known New York-based shopping night, most of us in Atlanta still have not decided which fashion parties we can't miss. In the mean time, here is just a small glimpse of some of Atlanta’s most exclusive Fashion’s Night Out parties taking place on Friday. Read More


Think Pink: Pinkberry Opens in Atlanta

The phenomenon has officially gone south…down South that is, as the immensely popular frozen yogurt franchise Pinkberry finally opened the doors to its’ first Atlanta location. Much like the cupcake trend, frozen yogurt is definitely the “treat of the moment.” According to my West Coast affiliates all fro-yo is not created equal though. Think of Pinkberry as the Prada of the frozen yogurt industry. Coveted by celebrities, CEOs and socialites alike, in five short years it has taken the industry by storm one tasty scoop at a time. Read More