John T. Chambers

CATEGORY: Entrepreneurs
COMPANY: Cisco Systems
INDUSTRY: Technology

WHAT MAKES HIM HAUTE: Chambers is the proud CEO and chairman of Cisco Systems. What does he have to be so proud about? How about the financial growth that he has helmed since 1991 when the company: was valued at $70 million. In early February, the Wall Street Journal reported that for the second fiscal quarter, Cisco’s profit was up from 2009, ringing in at $1.85 billion. But it’s not just his ability to bring in the green that makes Chambers haute. His deep commitment to philanthropy has been nationally recognized. He was the first recipient of the Clinton Global Citizen Award, received the top corporate social responsibility award from Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, the Woodrow Wilson Award for Corporate Citizenship, and the Excellence in Corporate Philanthropy Award, from C-level peers.

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