Jerry Sanders III

CATEGORY: Entrepreneurs
COMPANY: Advanced Micro Devices
INDUSTRY: Technology

WHAT MAKES HIM HAUTE: A champion of competition, Sanders, as co-founder and CEO of semiconductor manufacturer AMD, created the only real competitor to Intel. Before he stepped aside in 2002, for three-plus decades, he refused to back down despite odds and market share being stacked against him, allowing AMD to thrive while thousands of firms ended up in the tech graveyard. When IBM decided to not market desktops based on its own processors for Windows, AMD stayed. When Compaq and HP stopped making processors, AMD kept plugging away. While Motorola at times seems unsure in its commitment to desktop and server platforms, it was never a question for AMD. During the dot-com boom, when Intel suffered from supply problems, AMD grew market share from single digits to almost 20 percent.

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