Jed York

CATEGORY: Entrepreneurs
COMPANY: San Francisco 49ers
INDUSTRY: Football

WHAT MAKES HIM HAUTE: At only 29 years old, he is the owner and president of one of the most storied and celebrated football franchises in all of the NFL—the San Francisco 49ers. (And also our youngest cover subject.) Since 2000, the team had been run by Jed’s parents, John and Denise DeBartolo York, who took over after the retirement of Denise’s brother, Edward J. DeBartolo Jr. The 49ers first entered the family by way of Jed’s grandfather Edward J. DeBartolo Sr., who purchased the franchise in 1977. Under the eldest DeBartolo’s watch, the team flourished into an NFL dynasty, and his son Eddie continued the trend during his tenure as president and owner. “The Team of the ’80s” won five Super Bowl championships during the decade and the early part of the following. Jed’s goal is to return the team to its former glory.

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