| Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Haute 100 NY Update: Graydon Carter’s Beatrice Inn Due Open In Next Few weeks

Graydon Carter will reveal his Beatrice Inn makeover to the public in the next week or so, according to multiple reports. The Vanity Fair editor and restaurateur (his Waverly Inn and Monkey Bar enjoyed solid runs as media canteens when they opened) took over the Village spot that was a ’20s speakeasy, then a red sauce Italian staple of the neighborhood, then a faux-grungy nightspot that drew hordes of willowy models, self-professed artists and movie stars.

Remnants of the old school Italian joint will dot the traditional chophouse menu. Carter also promises a slur-inducingly potent martini at the bar. In contrast to the formidable door at the Bea’s nightlife incarnation–authorities shuttered it in 2009–Carter promises this will be a democratic neighborhood hangout. It’ll even have a listed phone number, unlike Waverly. But don’t count on the owner, an avowed cigarette fiend, flouting the no-smoking law: smokiness was one of the reasons behind Beatrice Inn’s untimely demise.


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