| Friday, May 25th, 2012

Haute 100 Miami Update: Donald Trump in Talks to Launch Super PAC

Yesterday, Haute 100 lister and business magnate, Donald Trump, told conservative outlet Newsmax that he is considering launching a super PAC to highlight the notion that Washington is allowing outsiders to damage the economic state of the United States.

Trump plans to use advertisements for his yet-to-be-formed super PAC to emphasize how outside forces are harming the United States. “My super PAC ads would be focused on how outside places and outside things are absolutely sucking the blood out of this country, and this country can’t be great again unless it really starts to generate money,” said Trump. “You can’t fund Medicare, you can’t fund Social Security, unless we start to generate money, and we can’t because outside sources are taking our money. We’re like children with a wallet and they’re just taking the money right out of our wallet.” Frequently a target of Trump’s ire, China, is the main target. “I would do one on China and talk about the manipulation of their currency, which is draining the blood out of this country,” he said. The billionaire and real estate mogul also lamented that the United States was being “disrespected… as a country.”

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