Craig Robins

CATEGORY: Originators
COMPANY: Dacra Development
INDUSTRY: Real Estate

WHAT MAKES HIM HAUTE: South Beach, Lincoln Road, Española Way, and, most importantly, the Design District can all credit this innovate visionary for their transformative rebirth. His Dacra Development Group combines art and architecture to create extremely avant-garde projects, revitalizing neighborhoods as it goes. In the Design District, Dacra is in the midst of a $250 million expansion that will bring a boutique hotel to a neighborhood that was all but forgotten before Robins came across the causeway after breathing life back into Lincoln Road and South Beach’s dilapidated Art Deco hotels. For the ambitious AQUA project, Dacra partnered with urban planners to create a whole luxury community on 8.5 acres in Miami Beach, and through Dacra Global, Robins hopes to bring his unique eye for urban revitalization to communities around the world.

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