Rose Bar

Performers as varied as Axl Rose and Rufus Wainwright have performed at this ornate annex of the Julian Schnabel-laden Gramercy Park Hotel lobby. The room is ornate and Moorish, the cocktails—many of them with a whiskey bent—are potent and those lucky enough to get in consistently sleek and stylish.

The Core Club

Not your father’s social club. The Core isn’t as starchy as, say, The Knickerbocker. But it does require hefty initiation and annual dues, and abounds with people wearing the finest duds who are ready to network with the next generation of the ruling class. But don’t worry, it’s not all work and no play: the bar is a perpetual hive of fraternal socializing.

Soho House

It’s a testament to this private club that its membership has only gotten more refined with time. Soho House pared down its roster a few years back, and the multipronged Meatpacking District haunt of business and media power players is fresher than ever. Soho House, which started in London, has spread across the globe. But the New York offshoot is still among the best.