The World’s First Supersonic Business Jet

Concorde jets are so five years ago. But if you’re one of the many corporate businessmen mourning the loss of the Concorde’s supersonic speed, look no further than Aerion’s supersonic business jet. Although Concorde’s flights were primarily civilian, the SBJ is aimed solely at the…Read The Full Post

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High Flying

While airlines aren’t generally known for their top-of-the-line offerings, American Airlines is trying to break the sub-par cycle with the introduction of GrapeRadio. Described as a podcast for oenophiles, GrapeRadio will be the first wine-specific programming available on an airline. During flight, listeners can learn…Read The Full Post

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SeaNet and turnkey yachting

Hey we love Born Rich, so we guess you can say great minds think alike after reading their latest blog post on SeaNet, which was slathered with glowing praise. As Haute Living covered in its most recent issue of Haute Living Florida, SeaNet is out…Read The Full Post

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1904 Rolls goes for $7.27 million

As Haute Blog profiled just a few days ago, the new Rolls Royce Phantom Tungsten hasn’t been tagged with a price yet, but here’s guessing its retail tag won’t come anywhere near the astonishing auction price paid for this classic Rolls Royce, built in 1904,…Read The Full Post

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