Women of Substance

Prolific Art Collector Pamela Joyner Is On a Global Mission

College students don’t always follow the advice of their elders, but it’s a good thing that Pamela Joyner wasn’t like her typical peers. While receiving her MBA at Harvard University in the mid-1980s, she and her classmates were advised by Lowery Stokes Sims, then a curator at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the first African American to hold that title, to focus on collecting art once they became successful in their careers. A decade later, Joyner began buying art—and she hasn’t stopped. Read More

Rachel Roy Designs Her Own Life; Stich by Stich

This question—posed to Rachel Roy by her daughter Tallulah—is asked in the innocent way that only a child has. The six-year-old has just come home from school to find her mother dressed to the nines in a black trench dress, looking perfectly polished and coolly composed: a bright, shining example of a sophisticated career woman. Read More