Haute Toys

Louis Vuitton Golf Bags 2012

The French fashion house has just made golfing much more interesting with their newest edition to their signature, stylish leather handbag line, Louis Vuitton Golf Bags. The classy golfer’s carry-on official has an upgrade made of cowhide leather that comes in the classic Monogram or Damier print making this item a must-have. Read More

The New Hermès Leica M9-P Edition

Hermès has just announced a photographer’s dream, a stylish gadget made by the designer. Hermès Lecia M9-P Edition is a limited edition camera which features signature Veau Swift calfskin leathering in ocre, a silver-anodized Leica Summilux-M 50 mm f/1.4 ASPH. lens, along with a matching shoulder strap in taupe. Not to mention, will only have 300 available. Read More

Haute Toys: Versace Home Collection

The luxurious Versace Home Collection was inspired by the haute combination of neoclassic baroque and ultra-modern accents. With the Italian brand’s famous style running through the entire collection, the collection features vibrant colors, precisou materials and bold ideas. Read More