Sausalito Billionaire Wants a Warehouse

Vijay Mallya, the Sausalito billionaire who made headlines earlier this year when he spent $1.8 million purchasing Mahatma Gandhi’s pocket watch, glasses, sandals, bowl, and plate, is making the news once again, albeit this time on a more local level. Read More

Nikki Beach Turks & Caicos is No More

The Turks & Caicos locale, Nikki Beach Resort & Spa, complete with 48 rooms and suites with luxury amenities, opened in March 2008 (just two months after the interview), but it apparently didn’t do as well as planned. Read More

At the World’s End

Dubai's "The World" is by far the most ambitious undertaking in construction history (perhaps with the exception of the Egyptian pyramids). But this week’s article in the London Times says that a credit crunch signals end of The World for Dubai’s multi-billion dollar property deal. Read More

North America’s First Absinthe Bar

The fabled liquor Absinthe was banned in North America for decades for fear it caused hallucinations, but upon its legalization last year, people across the continent are scrambling to imbibe the spirit and get a little crazy. But where to enjoy it? Read More

Kinky Couture

Agent Provocateur is celebrated for their fine undergarments and unmentionables. The line debuted in an intimate gathering at the Soho Grand hotel, where sleek models shosashayed amongst seated guests in floor length satin gowns and Swarovski crystal-encrusted lace knickers. Read More

Wishing for Fine Dining

A large part of the success story at Wish, the haute dining haven designed by Todd Oldham at The Hotel of South Beach, has been its ongoing evolution in the kitchen. Read More

A Wedding Gift like None Other

Michael Hirtenstein, successful businessman and prominent New York figure, recently sold his well-known Gramercy Park townhouse to two very lucky buyers; Lauren Santo Domingo, contributing editor for Vogue, and her husband Andres Santo Domingo, who married in January. Read More


Argos Gulfstream

Tricon Marine just announced the Argos Gulfstream – a limited-edition series of luxury, offshore performance yachts that boast unsurpassed details and amenities never before offered in vessels of similar size and class. Read More