Bugatti Moves Forward with Parmigiani by its Side

In a beautiful and exclusive match, watch maker Parmigiani Fleurier and exotic car maker Bugatti are taking their craft and moving forward together. They are bidding farewell to their Veyron partnership and introducing their next move to compliment one another’s designs. Read More


T6 For Sale in New Zealand

Another megayacht has been listed for sale, this time in New Zealand. The owner, John Spencer, is one of New Zealand's wealthiest men and has recently put his T6 up for sale. Read More


Nicolas Cage Sells Bel-Air Home to Pay IRS

Actor Nicolas Cage is reportedly getting creative with his methods to pay the IRS the reportedly owed $6,257,005. The Hollywood actor has allegedly sold his Bel-Air Tudor home which once belonged to additional mega-stars such as Tom Jones and Dean Martin. Read More


Turkish Billionaire Owns Two Units at the Plaza

According to Forbes magazine, Turgay Ciner is one of the world’s richest people. The self-made billionaire is from Turkey and owns plants as well as copper, aluminum, and soda ash mines there. Now, he also owns two units at the Plaza. Read More