Best Buddies….and Brown?

In a quizzical move by philanthropic organization Best Buddies, the non-profit affiliation has announced the stars expected to attend the 13th Annual Best Buddies Gala November 20th in Miami, and BB has enlisted R&B bad boy abuser Chris Brown as the highlight and musical entertainment. Read More


Wolofsky’s Super Sweet Bat Mitzvah

In what may seem like a flashback to Brat Pack days, Charlie Sheen was among throngs of pubescent girls over the weekend. Only this time, it wasn’t fulfilling his duties as teen heartthrob, it was as a distinguished and mature brother-in-law to Sydney Wolofsky, little sister to wife Brooke Mueller Sheen. Read More


Flirting Season’s Almost Over

It looks like nothing more than a typical Hollywood Boulevard storefront from the street. In fact, it looked at first like something to avoid at all costs.... In the unlikeliest of places, it is an escape from the everyday of Hollywood and its surrounds. Read More


Super Bowl XLIV: Become a Fan to Win

Even though February is still four months away and Thanksgiving is right around the corner, thousands of football junkies across the nation have touchdowns, not turkey legs, on their minds. Read More