Haute Rides

Experience The Car Beyond The Drive With Porsche Ultimate

Driving a Porsche is always exciting, but what if you could experience you favorite Porsche at the beautiful Côte d’Azur, or on one of France its most challenging race tracks? From May 15 until August 20, 2017, Porsche Ultimate offers you just that with the "Drive & Experience"! Read More

Three Fun Over Function Vehicles

Going from point A to point B doesn't always have to be a bore, as these three vehicles proof. They definitely take fun over function, but as we all know, it's about the journey, not the destination. Read More

BMW Launches All-New 2018 BMW 6-Series Gran Turismo

BMW has always been a marque that has an engaging way of driving at the forefront of all their models. It is this that makes driving a BMW always more exciting, and now they take this to the next level for the Gran Turismo with the all-new 2018 BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo. Read More

First Lamborghini Centenario Roadster Delivered In The US

Lamborghini Beverly Hills had the honor of handing over the keys of the very first Centenario Roadster arriving in the US to its proud owner! While a Lamborghini is exclusive by any measure, the Centenario is even an exclusivity among them as only 20 coupes, and 20 roadsters will be made, as a tribute to the 100th birthyear of the brand's founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini. Read More