Haute Yacht of the Week

The Riva Iseo Adds Even More Luxurious Flair to that Yacht

The Riva Iseo is a quaint 27-foot runabout boat that is perfect as an add-on to your luxurious yacht, but also as a small-scale cruiser. Though the term "quaint" is certainly not a term often used in the context of the yachting world, but that once again provides more testimony to the designing prowess of Riva. The team always comes up with an aesthetic, and executes said desired aesthetic flawlessly. Read More

A Trilogy of Superyachts by Fraser

For this week’s selection, we opted to offer a trilogy of luxury superyachts instead of just one.Why pick just one yacht when there are so many whistle-whetting selections?  So, instead of looking at one, here are three servings of high-end hulls of the week, the…Read The Full Post

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