Haute Pursuits

The Vivacious Villas: Villazzo

Recreating the standard for luxury and lifestyle, Villazzo has introduced a new hotel standard throughout many of the finest locations in the world, transforming vacant villas into the ultimate private hotel. Read More

Dubai’s Haute Spots

In a city that has far surpassed five star deluxe, it's not easy to make the cut when it comes to haute accomodations and dining. here are five hotels and four restaurants that are at the very top of our haute list. Read More

Cafe Gray: New York

After a six-year hiatus, Chef Gray Kunz returned to New York in the fall of 2004 to introduce his first independently run restaurant, aptly named Café Gray. Read More

Aaria at Acqualina

Picture-windows allowing the warm light to envelop the entire restaurant. A water feature in the center creates a relaxing mood as guests dine while overlooking the resorts tranquility deck and the Atlantic. Read More

Mr. Ellison is Yachting Down

The CEO and Co-Founder of Oracle Corporation, whom you may also know as the owner of the second largest private yacht in the world: Rising Sun, is building another smaller yacht. Apparently, Mr. Ellison’s Rising Sun, the 454-foot vessel, is somewhat of a hassle since…Read The Full Post

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Suite Wars : Los Angeles

We put our celebrity status to good use, and get inside the finest hotels in LA’s über chic Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, and West Hollywood locales Read More