Haute Pursuits

World’s Most Expensive Homes

For the third year running, Forbes, the source for all things rich, has compiled a list of the priciest pads on each continent, excluding Antarctica, which is not home to, well, any haute homes. The list only includes homes and apartments, not whole apartment buildings…Read The Full Post

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Trophy Properties: Los Angeles

A city famous for money, magnetism, and the good life, Los Angeles has become a playground for anyone with the penchant for blessed immoderation. These homes from the area's top real estate agents represent the top of the market's offerings. Read More

Sayonara Shiatsu

In a world gone mad for "The Most," the standard spa massage has gone the way of the oversized bag-so last year Read More

Own Your Very Own Mini-Country

Note to all the rich and famous seeking refuge with optimum seclusion, the Caribbean’s most expansive and largest island to date is up for grabs. Ronde Island, Grenada priced at $100,000,000 boasts 2,000 virgin acres of nature’s bounty and the tropics’ beauty. Ronde Island is…Read The Full Post

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Viva (in) Las Vegas

During the famed song "Viva Las Vegas," Elvis Presley sang, "How I wish I was there more than twenty-four hours a day." While we can't make the day longer, this selection of some of the finest homes on the market in Sin City will make being in Vegas at least 24 hours a day possible. Read More

One Night in Vegas

In a city where high rollers are as ubiquitous as the shiny lights, we present the most lavish suites created for the world's most esteemed and sophisticated individuals. Read More