Haute Jet of the Week

Haute Jet of the Week: Cessna Citation X

Slated for debut later this year, the Citation X from aviation leader Cessna isn’t just luxurious- it is the world’s fastest civilian aircraft. The midsize private jet has been FAA-certified at mach 0.935, which translates to 617 miles per hour. That remarkable speed is credited…Read The Full Post

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Haute Jet of the Week: Qatar Airbus A319

Though not techincally a “private” plane, Qatar’s all-business class Airbus A319 for Doha-London is all luxury for the modern businessman.   Starting at the airport, enjoy the luxury lounge at Heathrow before boarding the 40 person daily shuttle aircraft. Once on the plane, each seat…Read The Full Post

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Haute Jet of the Week: Embraer EMB190BJ

You can’t get a look inside of Mexican businessman Jorge Vergara’s Embraer EMB190BJ Lineage 1000, but we know some of the specs. Inside, the cabin can be divided into 5 sections which include a bedroom ,walk-in baggage area and a full size bathroom. His version has…Read The Full Post

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