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Los Angeles

Rolls-Royce Gives Unfettered Access to the Wraith and Phantom at the Bespoke Drive

he setting of the 2014 Bespoke Drive, a trip in which Rolls-Royce allows writers to test drive recent signature models, was a lovely place to drive these special vehicles. With upscale amenities and heavily forested roads that are draped in the South’s signature fern trees, one can truly imagine that this luxurious lifestyle is his/her own, if only for a little while. Read More

Los Angeles

Artist Ben Moon Used a 1985 Rolls Royce as Canvas and Inspiration

A Rolls Royce is almost like a work of art in and of itself. They are one of the few vehicles, from the leather seating to the rims, that are completely hand-crafted by professionals. Nothing assembled on a factory line, nothing cheap. They essentially define luxurious elegance, which is all the more reason that Long Island-based multimedia artist Ben Moon felt liberated when he was able to use a Rolls as his canvas with his piece Our Painted Lady. Read More