Haute Auto of the Week

Haute Auto of the Week: Ferrari 488 GTB

With the introduction of the 488 GTB Ferrari entered a new era: for the very first time, their V8-model is fitted with a turbo. Just as Porsche now equips all 911-engines with a turbo, Ferrari goes into the same direction. They did this the Ferrari way, by creating one of the most advanced V8 turbo engines currently available. No wonder that this engine not only won in its category but also took home the overall prize for best engine at the 2016 Engine Expo in Stuttgart, Germany. Read More

Supercar Season Starts Early In London

There are certain things we have grown to expect from a typical London summer. We anticipate more rainy days, large crowds at pubs, picnics in the park… and an overwhelming influx of serious supercars from the Middle East. Every year as the weather warms London’s wealthiest Middle Eastern residents and visitors begin coming out in the latest luxury cars. Read More