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Entourage House for Sale

The Encino, CA mansion where Vincent Chase and his Entourage lived in on the hit HBO show is up for sale at $4.2 million. The house, architecturally styled after a Tuscan Villa, is truly fit for Hollywood royalty. Long corridors lead to spacious rooms for people to hang out, along with seven bedrooms and eight over the top bathrooms

Walt Disney’s Mansion For Sale

Walt Disney’s Los Feliz, LA 12-room mansion is up for sale at $3.65 million. Originally, Disney had built the house for himself for $50,000 in 1932! The exterior of the house looks like it came out of one of his whimsical cartoon films with brick entrance, wooden door and pointed roof above the central rotunda.

Goldie Hawn’s Malibu Mansion Up For Sale

Goldie Hawn and her long-time mate Kurt Russell have put their Malibu mansion on the market. The couple’s asking price is $14,749,000, according to the MLS. Typically, the Hawn and Russell rent the house during the summer to patrons who spend $80,000 to $95,000 per season.