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London’s $117 Million Computer-Generated Mansion Hits The Market

The most shocking thing about the latest mega-mansion to hit the London Market isn’t the price tag. And even with a jaw-dropping asking price of $117 million, this gorgeous home still isn’t the most expensive house in London (that prize belongs to Roman Abramovich’s $147 million home). But what makes this home remarkable isn’t its price — the property, ripe for purchase, doesn’t even exist yet.

The pictures, as realistic as they may appear, were artificially crafted. It seems hard to believe a potential buyer would drop over $100 million on a home they’ve never stepped into; but that, apparently, hasn’t stopped anyone from trying to sell it, according to Curbed.

Berkeley Home For Sale

The asking price for the 8,500 square foot home at 4975 Grizzly Peak Blvd is also elevated, at a not insubstantial $9,500,000. While this house is the absolute architectural antithesis of the 1889 house on Albina Avenue in that it is strikingly modern, both display an opulence and desire to showcase the finer things in life.

Rupert Murdoch Sells His Long Island Historic Estate, Rosehearty

Media billionaire Rupert Murdoch has finally sold Rosehearty, his historic estate in the swank Long Island, New York community of Oyster Bay.

The media mogul and his feisty wife, Wendi Deng first purchased the prime piece of waterfront property in 2003 and listed it back on the open market back in June 2007 with an asking price of $14,800,000. Over the last four and some odd years the price tag of the bucolic 4.6 estate has been taken off and put back on the market several times while the price tag tumbled to $9,995,000.

Johnnie Walker House in Shanghai

The Johnnie Walker House Combines Recycled Materials With Refined Shanghai Style to create a modern green design. In a joint effort with Singapore based agency Asylum, Agency Love developed the interiors out of a variety of materials and resources used in the whiskey making-process. The idea of developing an ‘Embassy for Whiskey’ and designing an experience more than the space played a major part in the design process and outcome. It was important to capture, grow, and nurture the whiskey culture within Shanghai’s elite.