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Sofia Vergara

Have you ever gazed enviously at Sofia Vergara's figure and thought, "I wish I looked like her?" Well, now you can. Trainer and Studio Metamorphosis founder Jennifer Yates is the woman responsible for keeping the "Modern Family" star's mind, body and spirit in tip-top shape. She is lauded for her high-energy, boot camp-style Pilates and dynamic spin classes, which leave students feeling strong and accomplished – and hungry for more. Here, Yates breaks down 7 ways she trains Vergara so that your body can undergo a similar "metamorphosis." Read More

Los Angeles

Beauty + Wellness: HUM Nutrition Founder Walt Faulstroh’s 5 Tips for How to Look Red Carpet Ready – Without Makeup

As the co-founder of newly launched HUM Nutrition, Walter Faulstroh is an authority on how to become a healthier you. Walter, as well as his LA-based nutrition company, is dedicated to making people look great, and feel even greater. Specializing in the fundamental role nutritional supplements play…Read The Full Post

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Los Angeles

Must-Try Spa Treatments in L.A.

There's no better way to celebrate yourself than with a soothing, expensive, completely indulgent spa treatment. The entire spa experience is specifically designed to cater to the client, from the moment you slip on a fluffy white robe to the moment your lips touch the complimentary glass of Champagne you'll certainly be offered to the actual spa ritual itself. We at Haute Living have personally tried and tested the newest and most innovative treatments in Los Angeles, the services best designed to soothe, spoil and pamper. We know, it's a tough job...but someone has to do it! So close your eyes, relax and prepared to be completely indulged. Read More

San Francisco

Best Hotel Spas in San Francisco

San Francisco does everything it's own way, and luxury day spas are no different. Just as one would expect, some of the city's best spas are found at the ritziest hotels. Haute Living presents the top 5 hotel spas in (and around) San Francisco. Read More