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Haute 100 SF: Charles Phan Opening a Café at UC Berkeley

Before Charles Phan grew to be one of San Francisco’s hottest and most renowned chefs, he was an ambitious young student studying architecture at UC Berkeley. While there, Phan would get hungry and as a result, spent a lot of time time snacking at the campus’s Wurster Hall. Read More

Haute 100 Miami: Diddy Pays Respect to The Notorious BIG

Sean “Diddy” Combs is honoring his late friend, The Notorious B.I.G. Biggie Smalls, on the 18th anniversary of Smalls’s murder. Combs is encouraging fans to cover the tribute song “I’ll Be Missing You” that came out in 1997. Biggie was shot on March 9 of 1997, and his music has influenced legions of fans. He is often thought of as the greatest MC of all time. Read More

Haute 100 Miami: Pharrell Says ‘The Voice’ is a Training Camp

Pharrell Williams is a pretty happy guy. How could he not be? He’s one of the world’s most influential people; not just in music, but also in fashion, philanthropy, and entertainment. I mean, he’s EVERYWHERE; from producing gritty hip-hop records to designing eco-conscious G-Star Raw denim to re-introducing cult fashion designer Vivienne Westwood to a mainstream audience (via a big hat). Hell, he even wrote a smash single called ‘Happy.’ But is Pharrell immune to negative feelings? Absolutely not, and we finally found out what his hair trigger is: asking why the Voice in its many seasons has up to this point never produced a massive pop star. Read More