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Tracey Ceurvels has enjoyed pizza bianca in Rome, truffles in Spoleto, limoncello in Sardinia, a sublime lemon tart in Paris, an unforgettable fish stew in Venice. Yet still, New York is her favorite food city, and she loves sharing her culinary discoveries. Tracey is currently a restaurant reviewer at Papermag.com, a food blogger for Dean & Deluca, maintains her own blog at thebusyhedonist.com, and her articles appear in The Boston Globe, The New York Daily News, Relish, among other publications. Tracey has written a novel, Pandora’s Secret Cookbook, which is currently being shopped around by her literary agent. Originally from Boston, she lives in downtown Manhattan with her husband and daughter.

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Haute Dining: 10 Questions for GastroArte’s Chef Jesús Núñez

Old world Spanish flavors meet modern art at GastroArte, which sits on an assuming Upper West Side block. You’ll enjoy the atmosphere—a lovely space with white walls and bold paintings—but the main attraction is the food. One look and you’ll be intrigued: Chef Jesús Núñez, a former street artists has, literally, elevated his cuisine to an art form, splashing dishes with color, textures and whimsy.

New York February / March 2014
New York February / March 2014