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The Best Meatballs in Las Vegas
  • NAME Susan Stapleton
  • BIO Living in Las Vegas hasn’t made life any tamer for Susan Stapleton. She loves to discover all that’s new in Sin City, whether it keeps her up all night or not. The city’s bevy of fine dining, hot clubs, happening casinos, and phenomenal fashions keep her buzzing all over The Strip. Stapleton grew up in the Midwest, has a degree in journalism, and spent eight years in Philadelphia covering the luxury market before moving to Vegas to cover fashion and beauty. When she’s not chronicling her adventures for Haute Living, she’s dining at a James Beard-worthy restaurant or testing the treatments at the hottest spas.

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The Best Meatballs in Las Vegas

Every Italian family has their own version of meatballs. Some use breadcrumbs, minced onions, eggs, herbs and spices. All are rolled into balls, some small, some big, and either baked, fried, steamed or braised. Here, a look at five of the best meatballs in Las Vegas.