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  • NAME Stacy Nikkila
  • BIO Stacy Nikkila is a Los Angeles-based writer. Her current credits include Restaurant and Nightlife Editor for the Rundown on LA, owner of the Swizzle, a cocktail blog, and freelance copywriter with an emphasis on hotels and restaurants. She recently begun authoring her first cocktail book and blogging for Haute Living.

Articles By Stacy Nikkila

Yoga with a View at Palihouse Holloway

April showers bring... May yoga! Every Tuesday in May starting on the first, Palihouse Holloway will host a rooftop yoga class. Starting at 6:30pm and lasting an hour, instructor Donna Decoster will help you perfect your downward dog while the sun falls around you over Los Angeles. Read More

Bee Free Boutique Now Open, Silverlake is Abuzz

Owner of Bee Free Boutique Angie Freeman comes from a long line of beekeepers. Seriously – a photo of her beekeeper grandfather is about to adorn one of the walls upstairs near the dressing room. Originally from North Carolina, Freeman named her first boutique for her bee-filled upbringing, combined with the first part of her last name. Read More

Espionage Boutique Opens On Beverly Boulevard

Taylor King is a working model who muses, “But I should be able to eat fried chicken and deviled eggs whenever I want.” And even though she’s in top model form, in addition to recently graduating from UCSB (majoring in sociology), her new boutique Espionage is a solid Plan A. Read More

Mexican Cantina Casa Azul Opens in Westwood

Named after the original Casa Azul that renowned painter Frida Kahlo shared with Diego Rivera in Coyoacán, Mexico, Casa Azul Cantina opened in Westwood yesterday. From FRIDA Restaurant Group and restauranteur and chef Vicente Del Rio, Casa Azul fuses the indigenous, diverse regional cuisines of Mexico—from Mayan-influenced dishes of the Yucatán to the complex moles of Oaxaca and to the California-casual style of Baja. Read More