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5 Most Exclusive Fitness Clubs in NYC

Because even New York's wealthiest need a place to lift weights, we've made a roundup of the most exclusive and well-rounded fitness clubs in the city. Offering a variety of amenities and personalized training programs with famed fitness professionals, these clubs are much more than just gyms, they are portals to a healthy and productive way of life. Try them out and go collect your VIP pass to wellness. Read More

5 Not-To-Miss NYC Spring Art Exhibitions

Spring in New York City is a time of utter excitement and exploration. It seems as if we are all trying to make up for lost time – what with the whole winter hibernation and all – and are finally putting on our floral dresses and enjoying the city again. There is just so much to see! Just for you, here is a roundup of the five hautest art shows you absolutely must visit this coming Spring. Of course, there are many many more but these are classics, so check them out first, and stay tuned. Read More

5 Fat-Burning Smoothies For Spring Prep

Sipping on fresh fruit smoothies is for sure our favorite way to start the morning. Healthy, hearty, all-natural and fat-burning, there is nothing a good smoothie can't do. Whether you choose to add fruit, veggies, protein, natural sweeteners or all of the above, a powerful smoothie is a perfect meal substitute, and an energy booster more efficient than any cup of joe. Try out our top five tasty mixes that will keep you slim and happy all day long. Read More

6 Haute Smoothie Spots in Miami

We are obsessed with smoothies, especially those that are all-natural and with Miami vibes. Because it is always summer in Florida and in our hearts, we have here some of our favorite smoothie shops in the area that everyone who visits must try. Read More


7 Ways To Stay Fit While Traveling

Everyone knows working out is not the biggest priority while traveling, and if it is, you're amazing tell us your secrets. We've listed here a few haute tips to keep your healthy bod in shape, even while in margarita paradise. Read More

Why You Should Discover Ale by Alessandra Ambrosio Swimwear

Our favorite Brazilian supermodel and fashion icon has amazed us once again with her newest venture: luxury handcrafted swimwear. The Victoria's Secret Angel has gone from strutting the runways with her shimmering wings and bedazzled VS lingerie to heading backstage, as a designer. Read More