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The Top 5 Hotel Lobbies in Dubai
  • NAME Rebecca Anne Proctor
  • BIO Rebecca moved to the United Arab Emirates from Paris to work for an art gallery at the Emirates Palace hotel. Her dream was to take part in the tremendous development of the arts in the United Arab Emirates as well as explore the burgeoning world of fashion and luxury goods in the region. In Dubai Rebecca specializes in the Arab art scene as well as regularly attends the region's foremost fashion and luxury events. She also has a knack for discovering the finest dining experience's Dubai and Abu Dhabi have to offer. In her spare time, Rebecca attends Yoga and dance classes in Dubai Marina and enjoys curling up with her favorite book and a scented Diptyque candle.

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The Top 5 Juice Bars in Dubai

Soak up your fresh nutrients in a delicious and refreshing way. Whether it’s part of a specially designed healthy meal plan or a quick drink while under the Dubai sun, these juice bars have some of the innovative and enticing fresh juice mixes in the city.

The Top 5 Wine Bars in Dubai

Summer is the time to relax over a good meal with a nice glass of wine. In most cities one partakes in such a pastime outside, but as the Dubai summer heat makes it difficult to do so in comfort, a selection of indoor wine bars are becoming quite popular. Known for their stylish and sleek atmosphere, the following wine bars also host a variety of activities including wine tasting and popular ladies nights. This summer you can become a connoisseur!

The Top 5 Celebrity-Favorite Hotels in Dubai

With some of the most expensive luxury properties worldwide, year round summer weather and countless leisure activities, the UAE has become one of the world’s number one destinations for international celebrities. The Beckhams have a house on the Palm Jumeirah, a few years back Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt purchased a man-made island within Dubai’s “The World” exclusive off shore development, Rod Stewart and the late Micheal Jackson also have luxury properties in Dubai’s most prestigious developments. The following are just a few Dubai hot spots renowned for celebrity spotting.