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The Top 5 Bakeries in Dubai
  • NAME Rebecca Anne Proctor
  • BIO Rebecca moved to the United Arab Emirates from Paris to work for an art gallery at the Emirates Palace hotel. Her dream was to take part in the tremendous development of the arts in the United Arab Emirates as well as explore the burgeoning world of fashion and luxury goods in the region. In Dubai Rebecca specializes in the Arab art scene as well as regularly attends the region's foremost fashion and luxury events. She also has a knack for discovering the finest dining experience's Dubai and Abu Dhabi have to offer. In her spare time, Rebecca attends Yoga and dance classes in Dubai Marina and enjoys curling up with her favorite book and a scented Diptyque candle.

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The Top 5 Bakeries in Dubai

It’s always a special moment when you treat yourself to an authentically prepared pastry or brownie. With Dubai’s vast selection of international eateries you can be sure to find your favorite dessert. From Carrie Bradshaw’s favorite cupcakes to divine Arabic sweets from the Levant, here are the Haute 5 bakeries in Dubai.

Ayyam Art Center Stages its Twenty-First Young Collector’s Auction

On 30 September 2014 Ayyam Gallery held its twenty first Young Collector’s Auction. Fifty-two of the seventy lots were sold yielding 813,000 Dollars in total sales with premiums. Confirming the escalating fervor for the art scene in the UAE, established collectors as well as a plethora of new faces turned up in their droves in order to partake in the proceedings.