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  • NAME Raylene Bartolacci
  • BIO Hollywood is not for everyone, but it is definitely part of Raylene Bartolacci’s dream. Originally hailing from "The State of Independence" better known as Pennsylvania, being health conscious and leading an active lifestyle runs through her veins. She grew up in a family who has made their livelihood in the health and wellness industry. She spent the majority of her childhood flying through the air as a competitive figure skater and since then is always in search of the best workout and healthiest potions for her body. She enjoys time spent with family and friends, a walk around a local Farmers Market for fresh flowers and tasty produce, and beautiful summer days Roller Skating by the beach.

Articles By Raylene Bartolacci

Haute Fitness: Must-Have Vitamins

I am asked often what I do to get my physique to look the way it does. I always tell everyone that it is a lifestyle choice and a perfect mixture of diet, exercise and vitamin supplements. The following are my CANNOT live without supplements. Read More

LA FitExpo: Five Favorite Things

This past Saturday I ventured to the LA Fit Expo and amongst the sea of bikini ready bodies, six-pack abs, Carmen Electra, The Hulk and a partridge and a pear tree I found five of my favorite things: Read More

Haute Smiles

Cut to 20 some years later and I am still starring into the familiar lights with those ridiculous glasses on, worrying if they had been properly sanitized, all while fighting off sweaty palms and white knuckling the chair. Thanks to my obsession with white teeth I have surrendered. If you have a similar story to mine here are five reasons to bite the bullet and visit the dentist: Read More

The Los Angeles Fitness Expo

In case you are wondering where I will be next weekend, I will be exploring the FIT EXPO and I cannot wait to see all the healthy haute bodies and new fitness goodies! Check out what is going on downtown Jan 29th and 30th: Read More

Haute Hands Equal Haute Heart

I love more than anything when I purchase a product and a portion of sales goes to a good cause. For years the natural and ethical beauty brand The Body Shop has joined in the fight against and education towards multiple causes. Their latest and greatest is putting a stop to the sex trafficking of children and young people. Read More

The Hautest Workout

In my opinion, there is nothing better than waking up in the morning and knowing that the workout you did the day before kicked your bum. It is what I like to refer to as hurt so good. In this case, the scene of the crime was The Studio (MDR), which is home to the fitness guru Sebastien Lagree's SPX/System Dynamique workout. Read More

Resolutions Are Haute

Let’s be honest. There are as many resolutions swirling around as there are stars in the galaxy; however, the one at the top of just about everyone’s list is to loose weight. The new year means a new you and new beginnings. The gyms are packed with people trying to sweat out their sins and accomplish their No. 1 goal of the year. Read More

Haute Holiday Hair

There is nothing worse then a bad hair day. As women, we wake up everyday and our mission is clear, “Take over the world and look fabulous doing it." So, when you feel like there is no other way to tame the beast than grabbing your man’s clippers and buzzing off all your hair Britney-Style circa 2007, do not do it. I have a solution to the tune of $30 everyday of the week, morning, noon, and early night with no appointment necessary. Read More

Haute Body

OK, it is Dec. 1, and if you are like me you are wondering where the year went and how to avoid the dreaded holiday weight gain. Let's face it, you cannot become a hermit and avoid all the fun, but you can in fact try my new favorite workout and keep your body tight and the weight off. Read More

Haute Thinking

Imagine waking up one morning and hearing the overwhelming words, “You have cancer." That was a reality for Diem Brown at 23 years old when her doctors diagnosed her with ovarian cancer. While all her friends were preparing for their weddings and new babies, she was struggling with medical bills and picking out a wig. Read More