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  • NAME Nicole Campoy-Leffler
  • BIO Whether it stems from her Italian heritage, her lifelong devotion to the arts, or just her love of discovering new things and revealing them, Nicole Campoy-Leffler is adept at writing about how best to uncover the inner workings of a city through its cuisine, culture, and social scene. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Nicole grew up appreciating the pioneering cuisine of California, she studied classical ballet and opera throughout her school years, and followed all this up with a four-year stint in Boston as a student at Emerson College. Back in LA, she’s immersed herself in all that her sprawling city has to offer – from newly Michelin-starred restaurants to cultural outposts gaining international recognition at long last.

Articles By Nicole Campoy-Leffler

Intimacy — A New Lingerie Store in Century City

We all have oracles for various areas in our lives. Dog whispering? Cesar Milan. Politics? Stephen Colbert. Life coaching? Oprah. But now, where we once ventured alone and in the dark, we find an illuminating guru, unafraid of facing long-enduring demons head on. The many horrifying afflictions caused by the evildoer known as the bra, from back fat to painful straps, are no match for Susan Nethero — bra enthusiast, aficionado, and true revolutionary. Read More

The Great Escape: Haute 5 Weekend Getaways for Angelenos

Getting out of town, off the grid, and away from the masses is always important. Doing it right is even more important, which is why, in honor of the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, we're recommending these haute 5 spots. These are the perfect places to kick up your tired heels, lean back, and get some sun. Your waiter will be right back with that strawberry margarita - did you say salt or no salt? Read More

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary: Haute 5 Florists in Los Angeles

Flowers cover all manner of situations. "Congratulations, graduate!" "Sorry I said the wrong thing (again), honey..." "Thanks for inviting me!" And the ever popular "I just brought these home because I love you." When buying flowers that are meant to convey a message, though, it can be tough to make sure you get the right ones. These haute 5 florists are sure to get the message across just as you intended. Read More

To Mom, With Love: The Haute 5 Mother’s Day Gifts in Los Angeles

You consider yourself a great giver of gifts. You tracked down that old typewriter your brooding brother begged for, you always nab the best costume jewelry for your girls, you even get your boyfriend presents for no reason (read: you buy yourself lingerie). But Mom is a whole different receiver - her gift has got to be perfect because girlfriends come and go, as does your brother's struggling writer kick, but Mom is forever. Spoil her rotten - Mother's Day comes but once a year. Read More

Ole!: The Haute 5 Mexican Restaurants in Los Angeles

If you live in Los Angeles, you automatically speak a little Spanish - whether or not you know it. Celebrating the holidays of our esteemed southern neighbor is recommended for manifold reasons; you get to practice your Spanish, it's a way of experiencing our closest 'sister-culture,' and it's another reason to drink yourself silly on a weeknight. Happy Cinqo de Mayo, Angelenos! (At the very least, you definitely know the word for 'angels.') Read More

He Wears It Well: The Haute 5 Men’s Boutiques in Los Angeles

Ah, the lost art of dressing a man. Many girlfriends take it upon themselves to help, while many men do just fine on their own, but its no secret that the joys of dressing up are fewer and farther between than they once were. Not when you're working with custom suits, polka dots, cuff links, and impeccable ties. Here's the haute 5 menswear list. Read More

History Lessons: Haute 5 Historical Landmarks in Los Angeles

LA isn't ashamed of being constantly impressed by new toys. We happily remember the advent of the "talkies," while we email/drive past the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Santa Monica Pier, or the Hollyhock House. LA, whether we like to admit it or not, is full of historical landmarks that give us a peek into what this city once was. Like they say, know your history or you're doomed to repeat it. Read More

How to Raise Your Glass to the City of Angels!

What makes LA distinct for you? Is it the burdensome traffic and the gorgeous smog? Do you laud the city that spans from ocean to mountain to desert? The copious blonde bombshells? However you feel about LA, there's one thing we need to work out: what's our city's cocktail? Check out LA Weekly's list and add your own. Read More