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  • NAME Melissa Auman Greiner
  • BIO Melissa Auman Greiner is a born and bred Philly girl with a soft spot for the city's growing food and fashion scenes, leafy green squares and sultry summers. Just don't get her started on the inadequacy of SEPTA. With a journalism degree from Syracuse University and experience covering the city's tourism, food and shelter markets, she brings HL the area's best from Main Line to shoreline, focusing on hot spots as well as no-fail classics. During those few hours she's not writing or sleeping, Greiner enjoys the simple pleasures in life: old-fashioned cocktails, hand-crafted cheese, the smell of hydrangea and time with her husband and baby boy.

Articles By Melissa Auman Greiner


Lucky 7s: The Top 5 Chinese Restaurants in Philadelphia

Happy New Year! The Chinese calendar declares this the year of the rabbit, a period that's meant to be relaxing and reflective. Ease into it by reclining in front of giant bowls of amazing Cantonese and Schezwan dishes at one of the area's best Chinese restaurants. From casual Chinatown haunts to gourmet Main Line menus, there's a pair of chopsticks with your name on them. Read More


Oh-La-La: The Top 5 Lingerie Stores in Philadelphia

Two weeks and counting, loves, until Valentine's Day. Sure, we understand that it's a commercial invention steeped in overpriced gifts and forced affection, but that doesn't mean it can't also just happen to be the day you decide to inject some spice back into a relationship. Suggestion #1: head to one of these five area shops and come home with a dainty little bag of silk and lace instead of the annual fading flowers. We think you can handle the rest. Read More

Stella Blu Loves on Lobster

February means Valentine's Day ... which means that restaurant chefs throughout the area will be showcasing special menus over the big weekend (many of which we'll be profiling for you here in the next few days). But Stella Blu, that sweet little romantic dining room in West Conshohocken, is wondering why hold back? Instead of keeping their special lobster menu tucked away, they are offering it all through February. Read More

Le Pain Quotidien Opens on Walnut Street

We've all known it was coming, thanks to the massive photos of freshly baked bread and decadent little desserts slathered across the windows for the past few months. And with a name like Le Pain Quotidein, we have been dreaming about still-warm croissants and crusty French baguettes. The bakery opened its doors last week and two surprises have been revealed: they serve way more than bread and there's no bakery on premise. Read More


Dipped in Chocolate: The Top 5 Chocolate Spa Treatments in Philadelphia

There is nary a person out there that doesn't fall for the delicious allure of chocolate, but this indulgence can do so much more than just curb a craving. Packed with antioxidants, it actually makes for a decadent spa treatment, too. Enjoy a bit of the sweet stuff during your next trip to one of these area spas and give your entire body a treat. Read More

Warm Up at Winter Beerfest

Guess what, my Philadelphia friends? It's going to snow. Again. Because, apparently, it wouldn't be January in Philly if there wasn't snow on the ground every single day. As you can tell, I'm already over the white stuff. But there are other aspects of winter that I can still get behind. Fireplace. Fuzzy slippers. And spice-spiked winter beers. I can't imagine this year's host, the Starlight Ballroom, is going to allow anything to be set on fire or that anyone will be showing up in their favorite fluffy footwear, but this Saturday's Winter Beerfest will have plenty of that third lovely item on tap. Read More


Winter Wonderland: The Top 5 Ways to Play in the Snow in Philadelphia

If the past few weeks have been any indication, Philadelphia is on tap to get more than a dusting of snow this winter. Block the images of you shoveling out your driveway or slip-sliding down 95 out of your head, and instead focus on the new array of cold-winter sports that are at your disposal. Invigorating and energizing, these activities are exciting enough to make winter worth it. Don't worry, you can always warm up with hot chocolate afterward. Read More

R2L Starts Rocking Lunch

We love a room with a view, and when it comes to Philadelphia restaurants, Daniel Stern's R2L has a pretty darn amazing one. Perched 37 floors up in one of the Liberty Place towers, its floor-to-ceiling windows provide diners with a killer view of the city. Settle in to the zebra-print banquettes by the bar and gaze out over the Schuylkill River and University City, or book one of the private dining rooms for an eye-to-eye stare down with Billy Penn atop City Hall. Read More