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Haute Yacht of the Week: Turquoise Razan

47-meters of personalized delight: there is no other way to describe Turquoise Razan's in a better way. Thanks to a client who had a very personal idea of what he wanted from his super yacht, they started from scratch but using Turquoise's existing 47-metre platform as a base. Read More

An Haute Occasion: Porsche Makes 1.000.000th 911

It is official, Porsche has made the 1 millionth 911, reconfirming once more the popularity and staying power of this landmark sports car. With about 70 percent of all the 911 ever builds still on the road today, it also testifies to the build quality of the car, which is known to have no problem been driven 100.000 miles and over. Read More

Hermès Cape Cod and the Art of the Strap

The history of Hermès is bound in leather. Literally, as the brand started out as a harness workshop in Paris, on its way to becoming so much more. Hermès has always retained leather as an important part of their DNA and collection, and that is especially evident in their Cape Cod watch collection. Read More

Five Haute Sedan’s Offering 600 HP Or More

Sportscar crushing performance with room for the entire family: sedans have come a long way. Where performance SUV's sometimes struggle with their high point of gravity, many manufacturers tightened up their sedans so much that they can indeed be considered as four-door supercars. We checked out five of them. Read More