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Haute Living’s Favorite Hublot Tourbillons

Ask people about their favorite complication, and many of them will say it is the tourbillon. In fact, it has become so popular that the vast majority of the brands have one in their collection. Among them is also Hublot, yet they mix the tourbillon in with their "Art of Fusion" so you always end up with an exceptional watch that stands apart from the rest. These are some of Haute Living's favorites. Read More

Winners & Watches At Monterey Car Week

The Monterey Car Week is the highlight of the year on the calendar of any car enthusiast. It consists out of several events that have one thing in common: showing the rarest, most exquisite, and because of this, the most valuable cars on the planet. The prominent sponsor of all these prestigious events is Rolex. Read More

2017 Mercedes-Benz SL: Still A Class Of Its Own

With a history of more than 60 years, and currently in its sixth generation, the Mercedes SL has created a class of its own. Its presence has graced many TV-shows, and its ongoing popularity is still evident when you ride through more affluent neighborhoods. Yes, the current generation of the SL is starting to show its age, but its combination of comfort and performance remains a tempting one. Read More