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Watch of the Week: TAG-Heuer Autavia

At Baselworld there are always a few vintage inspired watches being introduced, yet few were as highly anticipated as the Autavia by TAG-Heuer. While the original is a legend in watchmaking, the re-edition came with something very special: it was selected by the public. Read More

Tech Toys: The Technically Most Advanced Cars

Does technology take the fun out of driving of does it put more in it? In most cases, the technology compromises the enjoyment of actually driving the car. Fortunately, some brands know how to apply the technology in a much more dynamic and enticing way, even though many don't use petrol anymore! Read More

Rihanna loves Chopard

In an exciting new collaboration global superstar, Rihanna has teamed up with Chopard to create her own line of jewelry. Rihanna worked together with Chopard's Co-President and Creative Director, Caroline Scheufele, to create both an Haute Joaillerie collection, as well as some more accessible Joaillerie pieces. Read More

Wajer 55: Smaller Size Superyacht Innovation

The entire design of the Wajer 55 is based on getting as much out of your leisure time as possible. With a length of 55 feet, it is a modest yacht, yet there also lies its strength, especially since it combines this with a few features more common on superyachts. Read More