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  • NAME Marie Look
  • BIO Born and raised in the Midwest, Marie Look stayed just long enough to earn a degree in journalism from the University of Oklahoma before promptly heading west to Phoenix, Arizona, in 2006. Now, during the summers, she sometimes struggles to remember why she traded the temperate plains for a melt-your-makeup-off desert, but deep down, she knows the answer is palm trees, 70-degree winters, and a city with a wealth of personality. Having fully immersed herself in the Phoenix and Scottsdale social scene, she finds a thrill in covering all the latest and greatest events, lifestyles, and playgrounds of the Valley's movers and shakers. Special skills include a fondness for a good glass of red wine, the ability to shift her calendar any time to squeeze in lunch or shopping with her girlfriends, a tendency to purchase novels at a dizzying rate, and an uncanny knack for memorizing movie quotes.

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The Top 5 Wine Lists in Phoenix

Text.To sip, or not to sip? Why, to sip, of course! Thanks to the oenophiles of our great state, there are as many great wines to discover here in Phoenix as there are cacti. Granted, the wines are often more approachable — unless you’ve already gotten a head start on the tastings, in which case, the saguaros can become quite conversational …