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  • NAME Lauren Monitz
  • BIO Thanks to a childhood on the North Shore, Lauren gained an appreciation for the finer things in life at a very early age and grew up immersing herself in as much of Chicago’s nightlife, theater, and cuisine as possible. From brunching at Bongo to cinnamon spice mani/pedis at Mojo, she can usually be found somewhere in her haute Wicker Park ’hood. Currently working in digital marketing, she is pursuing a master’s degree in E-business from DePaul University. An extreme go-getter, globetrotter, and cultural connoisseur, Lauren is actively involved in the DePaul MBA Association and a PR and Web volunteer for the Keep On Keeping On Foundation, she is also an avid Chicago sports fan and loves rooting for the Bears, Sox and Blackhawks. And yes, having lived in Colorado, she is also a Jay Cutler fan, don’t hold it against her. Connect with Lauren on Twitter @laurenmonitz or on the web at www.laurenmonitz.com

Articles By Lauren Monitz

Amaz-ING, the new concept restaurant from the folks at Moto

Ing. It’s everyone’s favorite suffix literally meaning progressive or continuous and the concept behind Chef Homaro Cantu’s newest endeavor. Cantu is an internationally recognized chef and leader in the field of postmodern cuisine and an inventor of futuristic food delivery systems. Called the Willy Wonka Chef, Moto has been serving edible menus for years and is now in the process of developing a Miracle Berry that neutralizes your taste buds to manipulate the taste of known flavors, like straw and cactus to give them delicious flavors. The goal of this odd science project: to end world hunger by providing these berries to third world countries. Read More

New On the Scene: Hubbard Inn

Two years in the making, Hubbard Inn is the newest spot to debut on red-hot Hubbard Street. The inspiration? Ernest Hemingway, the great American literary mind from Oak Park, IL. Read More


Art on Display: The Top 5 Art Galleries in Chicago

Art- or the expression of human emotion on canvas- is a major part of haute culture. Examining and interpreting a prolific work takes psychology and philosophy, a sensory experience of intellect and feelings. Here are a few of the best spots to ponder the bigger picture. Read More

Sequin New York Debuts it’s Spring Jewelry Collection

Sequin New York is the designer of feminine, bold costume jewelry often seen on the fashionable cast of Gossip Girl. Their first freestanding boutique, the Chicago location will debut their Spring 2011 “Anita” collection this month inspired by the re-release of the Rolling Stones album Exile on Main St. Images of Keith Richards’ girlfriend Anita Pallenberg strolling in the South of France in the 60’s was the muse for the luxe, sophisticated designs. For the free spirit, the collection is bohemian beachy meets rock and roll based on neutral colors, layered pieces, and organic shapes made out of crystal, wood, and crocheted fabric. Read More

Toasting to Past Presidents: Drinks for Washington’s Birthday

You thought Obama was slacking when he started making late night talk show appearances. Apparently Washington was a bit of a wino, and we’re here to toast to that. George Washington's would-be 279th birthday takes place on February 22, and four area restaurants will commemorate the first President with themed drink offerings. Just tell your server “George sent you.” Read More

Looking for a laugh? Check out “Baby Wants Candy”

Kicking off it’s fifth year at Chicago’s Apollo Theater, “Baby Wants Candy” is a hilariously improvised musical production. Cutting the typical months of prep and production time of a professional show into a mere two minutes, the audience shouts out a title of the nightly musical on the spot and then the cast creates a full-hour long song and dance extravaganza on the fly. Read More

Valentine’s Gift Guide: Tips for the Guys

Valentine’s Day- the cause of male anxiety, fear and general distaste. Knowing the heart-shaped box of chocolates and grocery store flowers are just so tired,we decided to help you boys out with some creative ideas to impress your ladies- and know these are not your standard dinner and a movie. Read More