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  • NAME Lauren Monitz
  • BIO Thanks to a childhood on the North Shore, Lauren gained an appreciation for the finer things in life at a very early age and grew up immersing herself in as much of Chicago’s nightlife, theater, and cuisine as possible. From brunching at Bongo to cinnamon spice mani/pedis at Mojo, she can usually be found somewhere in her haute Wicker Park ’hood. Currently working in digital marketing, she is pursuing a master’s degree in E-business from DePaul University. An extreme go-getter, globetrotter, and cultural connoisseur, Lauren is actively involved in the DePaul MBA Association and a PR and Web volunteer for the Keep On Keeping On Foundation, she is also an avid Chicago sports fan and loves rooting for the Bears, Sox and Blackhawks. And yes, having lived in Colorado, she is also a Jay Cutler fan, don’t hold it against her. Connect with Lauren on Twitter @laurenmonitz or on the web at www.laurenmonitz.com

Articles By Lauren Monitz

Equinox Partners With The Joffrey Ballet to Offer Ballet Fitness

With the ballet-themed movie “The Black Swan” taking top honors at this year’s award shows, ballet has become a much-buzzed about topic in recent months. Playing on its recent popularity, Equinox fitness clubs are partnering with the famed Joffrey Ballet to offer its members the opportunity to train under the guidance of professional ballet dancer/instructor Jocelyn Garner. Read More


Top 5 Caviar Restaurants in Chicago

The definition of luxury, black caviar is a delicacy served in small quantities at some of the top establishments in the city. A true haute cuisine, caviar was once reserved for Russian czars, Iranian shahs and Austrian emperors and now is accessible to the upper society members for a hefty price tag. Read More

Best Easter Brunches in Chicago

Easter brunch- a tradition that began almost as early on as the Easter bunny, baskets and egg hunts. The brunch is a celebration of family togetherness, a time to escape the hassles of the work week and enjoy each other’s company. Read More


Top 5 Cocktail Menus in Chicago

A good, strong cocktail is both art and science. A mastery blend of flavors to create a mix of spirits, sugars, and bitters that creates a truly unique flavor explosion. A good bartender will mix you a drink; a great mixologist creates a masterpiece- a chef of the liquid variety. Read More

Haute Secrets: Charlie Roth and Owen Schnaper

Adopting the mantra of “salmon swimming against the current to return home again”, Salmon Cove’s founders and Chicago natives Charlie Roth and Owen Schnaper left their jobs in the financial world to launch an apparel line for men and women looking for sharp and timeless designs. Grounded in their Midwestern roots, Roth and Schnaper believe that you don’t have to be from the East Coast to appreciate classic preppy apparel and began their own journey to create a distinctive apparel line that offers color, comfort, and convenience. Salmon Cove’s line features men’s and women’s polo shirts, men’s and women’s sweaters, men’s button down shirts and tote bags. Read More

Haute Secrets: Annie Diamantidis

Annie Diamantidis is a luxury handbag designer. Inspired by the history and mythology of Greece each Annie Handbag® pays homage to Greek Goddesses- Athena, Clio, Selene, and Eris. Annie Handbags® are for today’s goddesses. Upon launching her namesake collection in 2009, editors and stylists alike were captivated by the unique combination of exotic crocodile, python, ostrich, and calfskin with genuine 14k gold jewelry accents.Michigan Avenue Magazine labeled her a “Chicago Made, Power Designer,” while Fashion TV declared her line a “Trend to Remember.” The Handbag Report has profiled her as a “Haute Designer” and her ostrich Clio clutch has been feautured as the “Handbag of the Day” by Luxist. Annie Diamatidis regularly partners with charities like Heroes and Handbags and Save-A-Mother project in support of women and children.. Annie Handbags are carried exclusively in high end boutiques nationwide in some of the hottest markets like Chicago, Beverly Hills, Miami, and New York. Read More


Top 5 Places to Order Prime Rib in Chicago

A choice cut of beef from the rib section of quality meat, the traditional preparation of prime rib is to rub the outside of the roast with seasonings and slow roast to seep the flavor in with dry heat. Only about 2.9% of steaks rank as U.S. prime quality by the USDA. Here’s where to get the best of the best- meat that matters. Read More


Top 5 Omelettes in Chicago

Michael Symon once said, “One of the great skills of a chef is to cook an egg perfectly. If you can cook a perfect sunny-side up egg, a perfect scrambled egg, a perfect omelette, you have the finesse to cook pretty much anything.” As the most important meal of the day, a stellar breakfast sets the tone to a good morning and fuels you for the activities to follow. Here are 5 places that always hit a grand slam, and we don’t mean Denny’s. Read More

3rd Annual Food Fight For Scleroderma – A Culinary Battle for a Good Cause

Join Chicago’s top celebrity chefs as they compete against each other in the 3rd Annual Food Fight for Scleroderma today Sunday, April 10, 2011. Beginning at 5:00 p.m. on the 5th floor of Kendall College (900 North Branch Street), three of Chicago’s most recognizable chefs will have 30 minutes to cook one amazing dish in front of a live audience. Challengers include Rick Gresh, Executive Chef of David Burke’s Primehouse at The James Chicago, Stephanie Izard, Owner and Executive Chef of Girl & The Goat and Roger Herring, Owner and Executive Chef of Socca. Read More

Protein Bar- The Trendy Way to Eat Right

I will be the first to say I love carbs- glorious carbs. But as we all know, that takes it’s toll on you. When my friend told me she lost 85 lbs. from eating at Protein Bar, a new chain in the Loop I knew I had to try this mystical place for myself. If food existed that-gasp-was healthy and didn’t taste healthy, these guys were on to something. Read More