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  • NAME Laura Yarborough
  • BIO Laura Yarborough is an editor, writer, blogger and up-and-coming author who loves to inspire. She can usually be found writing about love, celebrity news, relationships, fashion, spirituality, luxury homes, interior design and so much more.

Articles By Laura Yarborough

Los Angeles

Kim Kardashian’s Luxury Day in LA

The reality star has by no means kept quiet about her joy of planning for the arrival of her first child with Kanye West, but even more so how anxious she is to be married to her beau. In fact, Kardashian, 32, spent last Thursday evening shopping at some of the most luxurious Beverly Hills jewelry shops, leaving many wondering just how soon are the nuptials? Read More

Los Angeles

Bentley Beverly Hills Introduces the Continental GTC Limited Edition

While living in Beverly Hills driving a Bentley is hardly a surprise as there is one parked on every corner, but despite its popularity, L.A. residents can always maintain exclusiveness with the help of O’Gara Coach Beverly Hills, who recently have outdone themselves with a pair of V8 GTCs, but not just any shade of color, a shade inspired by the color of Tiffany & Co. known as Celeste Pearlescent. Read More