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  • NAME Julie Salickram
  • BIO Julie Salickram is a born and bred Bostonian, who now has an even stronger affection for her city after years away in New York City. Her career highlights have included hanging with rock stars during her radio days, working and traveling with the New England Patriots during their first championship season, and partnering with New York heavyweights during her nightclub marketing days in Manhattan. As a writer, Julie has covered many of Boston’s storied places from tourist treasures and noteworthy events to nightlife living and shopping, shopping, shopping. Nationally she has published pieces on high tech gadgets, parenting issues and the music industry. When not discovering and revealing the best of Boston, Julie is usually trying to figure out how to keep up with her young son on his latest Wii game.

Articles By Julie Salickram


For the Love of Lamb

I love lamb. As a person who generally is not fond of meat, I am surprised by my own admiration for the smell and taste of well cooked lamb. And yet, many self proclaiming voracious carnivores turn and run from the mere smell of lamb claiming it just doesn’t cut it for their suddenly selective palate. Read More


Haute Secrets Boston: Jessica Good

Pairing her love of travel and fashion, Jessica Good created a jet setter’s dream shop: Passport Boutique. Opened August 2008 in Harvard Square, Cambridge, Passport offers versatile, comfortable and easy to wear contemporary fashion clothing and accessories that travel well. Good’s travels have taken her to the exotic to the cosmopolitan and the designers represented in her shop translate well to all the corners of the traveled world. Read More


Lucky 7s: The Top 5 Chinese Restaurants in Boston

So often Chinese food in America is reduced to a late night pu-pu platter take out after a night of over-indulgence. Travel to China and you begin to realize the rich and varied culinary history of the country and perhaps long for a more authentic representation back in the states. While fresh, hi-end Chinese is often hard to come by in Boston, Asian infused cuisine or inspired dishes abound. So whether you celebrate this Chinese New Year with a trip to Chinatown or break out the wok for a homemade stir fry of your own, have these top 5 Chinese restaurants in Boston in your back pocket when you are ready to try a refreshing American take on Chinese. Read More


Oh-La-La: The Top 5 Lingerie Stores in Boston

It is amazing how the right kind of lingerie can really enhance one’s own natural beauty. A little lace here and a bias cut there can go a long way for a night (or weekend) of romance. And with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, getting that special little something to don or gift is particularly important. But if you require something a little more special than your typical department store (and your really do, don’t you?) the lingerie boutique is a must. And so, Haute Living presents you with the top 5 store lingerie stores in Boston to help you get a jump on your lingerie shopping endeavor. Read More


Haute Secrets Boston: Maggie Gold Seelig

Maggie Gold Seelig knows her way around high end luxury living in Boston and this mother, lawyer, and philanthropist puts her intimate knowledge and expertise to good use for home buyers seeking nothing but the best in Boston. Working in partnership with broker Gail Roberts, a vice-president at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Cambridge, Seelig focuses on... Read More