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  • NAME Julie Salickram
  • BIO Julie Salickram is a born and bred Bostonian, who now has an even stronger affection for her city after years away in New York City. Her career highlights have included hanging with rock stars during her radio days, working and traveling with the New England Patriots during their first championship season, and partnering with New York heavyweights during her nightclub marketing days in Manhattan. As a writer, Julie has covered many of Boston’s storied places from tourist treasures and noteworthy events to nightlife living and shopping, shopping, shopping. Nationally she has published pieces on high tech gadgets, parenting issues and the music industry. When not discovering and revealing the best of Boston, Julie is usually trying to figure out how to keep up with her young son on his latest Wii game.

Artcles By Julie Salickram

Valentine’s Day in Boston All Wrapped Up

They are the words no one wants to hear on Valentine’s Day: “If you really loved me, you would have…” Whether you are the woo-er or woo-ee, there is a lot of pressure to make sure your day is as near perfect as it can be. And if you are creative and daring enough to fulfill every un-uttered dream date element for your mate: good for you! For the rest of us schlubs, we need a package deal with all the frills and lace so we don’t forget all the niceties we are likely to miss when left to our own devices. Thankfully, there are a ton of package deals available throughout the city even for the last minute romantic.

The Big Game: The Top 5 Sports Bars in Boston

With the non-Patriots Superbowl behind us and the Sox equipment truck headed for Fort Meyers, the attention of many a Boston sports fan has turned to thoughts of spring and baseball. But lest we forget the glory of the Celtics and Bruins who are still packing in the action. Have you seen some of those B’s brawls of late? Yes, there is rarely a dull sports moment in this city of ours, and so sports bars do fairly well here year round. So it was no easy task whittling them down to the top 5 sports bars in Boston…

A Little Romance: The Top 5 Romantic Restaurants in Boston

Romance is truly subjective. After all, one person’s romance can be another person’s irritation. Some swoon over a tableside violin serenade while others may consider it nothing more than a mealtime interruption. But whether you like fireside cozy, well lit elegance or red-bathed seduction, there is no shortage of romantic restaurants in Boston. So please pardon any unintentional omissions of your personal favorites as we present our take on the top 5 romantic restaurants in and around Boston. Now to find the proper companion to lavish all this romance upon…