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  • NAME Julie Salickram
  • BIO Julie Salickram is a born and bred Bostonian, who now has an even stronger affection for her city after years away in New York City. Her career highlights have included hanging with rock stars during her radio days, working and traveling with the New England Patriots during their first championship season, and partnering with New York heavyweights during her nightclub marketing days in Manhattan. As a writer, Julie has covered many of Boston’s storied places from tourist treasures and noteworthy events to nightlife living and shopping, shopping, shopping. Nationally she has published pieces on high tech gadgets, parenting issues and the music industry. When not discovering and revealing the best of Boston, Julie is usually trying to figure out how to keep up with her young son on his latest Wii game.

Articles By Julie Salickram

‎Reflect, Rejoice and React With Promise

"And I’ve looked over, and I’ve seen the promised land. I might not get there with you, but I want you to know tonight that we as a people will get to the promised land. So I'm happy tonight. I'm not worried about anything. I'm not fearing ANY man." – Martin Luther King, Jr. Read More

Best Spots in Boston to Watch the NFL Playoffs

Okay – so maybe you decided braving the elements was not the way you wanted to take in this weekend Playoff game between the Pats and the Jets, despite our great coverage of getting last minute tickets along the sidelines. Maybe because you don’t want to miss any of the Golden Globes or maybe you treasure the tips of your fingers too much to risk them freezing at the stadium. Perhaps you even are interested in watching and rooting for a team other than the Pats (gasp). Regardless, you do want to be out with the masses in the chaos of rooting for the team. So what places could possibly rival the killer home theater system you have hooked up in your own abode? Try out... Read More

Dine with Stars: The Top 5 Celebrity Chefs in Boston

Boston may be the birth place of the modern celebrity chef with the onset of Julia Child’s The French Chef TV series in 1963. And while inspired cooking on the culinary scene has seen its ups and downs over the decades, it has really begun to surge to positive new heights as of late. Much of the success has to do with a slew of celebrity chefs opening a series of nationally acclaimed restaurants, bistros and one of a kind dining experiences. Narrowing the field down to the top 5 was certainly not an easy task, though the 5 we have selected are certainly worthy of their spot on the list. Read More

Beer Summit’s Winter Jubilee

We recently told you about the upcoming 20th Annual Wine Expo, so we feel compelled to also fill you in on the upcoming Beer Summit for those of you fond of the bubbly brew. The Winter Jubilee takes place this Friday evening, January 14 and Saturday day and evening January 15 at the Park Plaza Castle. And doesn’t it seem fitting to be sipping on some of the best brews around from inside a castle? Read More

Pop the Bubbly: The Top 5 Places to Sip Champagne in Boston

Nothing marks a special occasion more than popping open a bottle of champagne. But you can choose to make any day or place a special moment in time with a proper bubbly to sip upon. But where are the best places to not only find the best champagne but to truly enjoy it? Haute Living offers you the top 5 places to sip some champagne in Boston. Read More

Haute to Trot

If you choose to stay in New England year round, there can be a lot of trade offs for seasonal availability of activities. In the winter, we turn our sites from ocean waterfront activities to mountain side snowbound adventures. Lost in the shuffle can be our favorite in between past times. One of my favorites I usually have to bid adieu to is horseback riding. The snow covered trails are often left until the spring flowers begin to appear again, depending on how hardy the breed of horse and trails men. So, it was with great delight that I discovered the heated indoor riding arena at Windkist Equestrian Centre in North Andover. Read More

Make the Bathroom the Best Place in Your Home

Though many may find it strange, I always seem to find myself judging a place by its bathrooms - be it a hotel room, a home or a restaurant. I think in the latter my thought is that if the bathrooms are not clean, I hate to see the conditions in the kitchen. For living spaces, I think it is because we are perhaps our most vulnerable in the bathroom. The more comforting, inviting and pleasing to the senses a bathroom space is the more I feel connected to the overall space. But, perhaps I am over sharing. I do so to... Read More

Hot Sake Spots to Warm Your Winter Chills

While a hot cup of cocoa can really hit the spot on a wintery day, when I am in the mood for a more grown up way to warm up I just LOVE a cup of hot sake. Especially when the flakes are falling, it feels extra cozy to find my way to a small sushi shop with big windows and warm sake served in the cute little pinched pot with doll sized cups. Here are some of my favorite spots to warm up with a sake and friends. Read More

A Classic Boston Night Out

While Boston is steeped in history, everyday Bostonians spend most of their time at the trendy new spots and leave the historically significant locales to the tourists. And while Faneuil Hall on a hot and crowded summer’s day may be one to avoid, there are many true Boston experiences that we are only short changing ourselves on if we skip over them. Case in point... Read More