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  • NAME Julie Salickram
  • BIO Julie Salickram is a born and bred Bostonian, who now has an even stronger affection for her city after years away in New York City. Her career highlights have included hanging with rock stars during her radio days, working and traveling with the New England Patriots during their first championship season, and partnering with New York heavyweights during her nightclub marketing days in Manhattan. As a writer, Julie has covered many of Boston’s storied places from tourist treasures and noteworthy events to nightlife living and shopping, shopping, shopping. Nationally she has published pieces on high tech gadgets, parenting issues and the music industry. When not discovering and revealing the best of Boston, Julie is usually trying to figure out how to keep up with her young son on his latest Wii game.

Articles By Julie Salickram

Getting Your Piece of the Pie

Word is cupcakes are so 2010. Red velvet cake has outlived its retro hip-factor as well. And now pies are the sweet treat of choice for 2011. If you ask me, either confection is worth your affection, so long as they are made just right. And when they are, they are worth that extra time at the gym for sure. Read More

Stop by Uncle Pete’s for a Visit

Everyone wishes they had an uncle just like good 'ole Uncle Pete. Equally versed in hip clothing for men and women, Uncle Pete’s offering is fully trendy without being too runway chic. It is a boutique that has everyday wearable clothing that is neither drab nor dull, but is still comfortable and unique enough to turn a head or two. You’re likely to find... Read More

Share and Share Alike at 94 Mass Ave.

Perhaps we are all becoming loners in this digital age. Our need to stay connected often has us texting those who are not with us rather than engaging those we are seated with. We eat on the go, live by our smartphones and use our status updates as public therapy. It is a bold new world. But one thing has not changed. Sharing a meal together with family and friends is one of the great joys in life. 94 Mass Ave. is banking on this last one. Read More

Ken Oringer’s 2011 Burger Battle Challenge

The burger has taken on many forms – from the massive meat mound to the simple slider – and has seemingly been topped by everything imaginable. What else can be done? Prepare to be surprised and delighted as the city’s top chef’s try their hand at the all American burger hoping to be crowned Burger Battle Champion. Read More

Go for the Gold – 24 Karat

You expect to gold star treatment – nothing but the best for you and yours. Well, now some local businesses are taking the gold treatment to a whole new level by adding actual gold into their treats and treatments in some unusual ways. Read More

Art on Display: The Top 5 Art Galleries in Boston

There is a vibrant art scene in Boston. Whether you prefer the fine and contemporary art galleries that have been in place for generations on Newbury Street or the vibrant new mixed media options located throughout the SOWA Art District, you are likely to find many many pieces that intrigue even your critical eye. So where to begin in this sea of creative juices? Here's a little help from us at Haute Living - start with our top 5 art galleries in Boston in your mid winter art immersion experiment and see where it takes you. Read More

In the Mix

A friend, a date or a business associate stops by your place prior to an evening out. The natural thing to do is offer them a cocktail before hitting the town. You’ve got the bar set up, the crystal decanter shining, your supplies in order. Just one problem – you have no idea how to mix a fine cocktail. Anything more complicated than scotch on the rocks simply stumps you. Wouldn’t it be nice to wow your guest with your mixology skills as seemingly effortlessly as you already have with your interior decorating skills (or your skills to pick an interior decorator – they don’t have to know)? Well, here’s your chance to learn from the best. Read More

Press the Flesh: The Top 5 Hook Up Bars in Boston

Have you been looking for love in all the wrong places? In the age of match.com and craigslist personal ads, where is a single person to go for just a good old fashion hook up? Luckily we have not completed replaced human touch with cyber affection and there are still plenty of hot spots in the Hub packed with ladies and gents up for some heavy petting. And with such a vibrant singles scene in Boston, your options should be vast. So pucker up and get yourself looking pretty before heading out to any of these top 5 hook bars in Boston. Read More

Valentine’s Day in Boston All Wrapped Up

They are the words no one wants to hear on Valentine’s Day: “If you really loved me, you would have…” Whether you are the woo-er or woo-ee, there is a lot of pressure to make sure your day is as near perfect as it can be. And if you are creative and daring enough to fulfill every un-uttered dream date element for your mate: good for you! For the rest of us schlubs, we need a package deal with all the frills and lace so we don’t forget all the niceties we are likely to miss when left to our own devices. Thankfully, there are a ton of package deals available throughout the city even for the last minute romantic. Read More