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  • NAME Jessica Hon
  • BIO Jessica Hon graduated from Cornell University and Washington University School of Law. She resides in Manhattan and San Francisco. Her two diametrically opposed interests are fashion and food. As the online editor of San Francisco Haute Living, you'll most likely find her at the Farmer's market at the Ferry Building on Saturdays or conspiciously consuming at Barneys in her Alaias.

Articles By Jessica Hon

Haute 5 Places for Spicy Tuna Rolls in San Francisco

Spicy tuna is a California creation and there is no better place to find the perfectly spicy, creamy yet fresh roll than San Francisco. A town where sustainability, freshness and quality of it's products really help bolster this generic filler roll into something that you order just for itself. These are the top 5 places in SF to get the very best spicy tuna rolls. Read More

The Top 5 Power Lunch Spots in San Francisco

San Francisco's power players come in many forms. Whether it's the powerful charity circuit ladies who lunch to venture capital teams discussing funding the new hot start up, there's a power lunch place in not only the Financial District but also to Laurel Heights where many of those in the medical field work. Combine the start ups with venture capitalists and what you have are lunches where ties are never found but expense accounts are abound. As the city where technology is born and raised, here are the top five places to lunch while discussing angel investing. Read More

Top 5 Places for Dim Sum in SF

Dim Sum (“yum cha” translated from Cantonese Chinese as drink tea) originated in Southern China, specifically the Canton regions including Hong Kong. But now it’s quite popular throughout the world, known as Chinese tapas and these small plates of dumplings, rolls and bite sized delights are a weekend alternative to brunch for many. Here are the top 5 in San Francisco. Read More

Haute Interview: Jason Wu

Haute Living San Francisco was lucky enough to sit down with the venerable designer, Jason Wu, at Neiman Marcus' Rotunda and talk shop about him, his line, some of his secrets to traveling well and his must have luxuries in life like where does he spa. And ofcourse Jinxy & Peaches. Take a peak inside! Read More

Top 5 Hamburgers in San Francisco

From humble beginnings of ground scrap meat, the hamburger has evolved into a classic American staple as iconic as apple pie. Inject some Californian haute cuisine methodology into this icon and what you get is a carefully crafted combination of clean beautiful flavors. Here’s the top five for the SF Bay Area: Read More